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Online Shopping Safely

Nov 30, 2007
With online shopping revenues going through the roof in recent years, the need for safety while making your purchases over the internet has also risen. Most people are unsure of how to stay safe, protect their identity and credit cards while buying from online stores and vendors. And websites are struggling to create newer and better methods of online protection for their consumers. Online shopping shouldn't have to be dangerous, as long as you know what to watch out for, which is explained right here.

Using a secure method of payment is always the best option. Look for websites that use PayPal or BidPay, etc. These sites are specially designed to prevent fraud and protect both the buyer and the seller from potential problems.

If you are using a credit card, you are at risk for theft every time you give out your card number. Although experts agree that using a credit card is far safer for online shopping than a debit card (credit cards hold extra protection against fraud, but debit cards don't), you still need to take care. One way to avoid problems in this area is to buy a virtual credit card. These prepaid gift cards are the best way to go because they come with a preset limit, which you have already paid, whether that be $10 or $500. There is no way for anyone to spend more than the limit, even if they steal your number. Virtual cards also offer special online shopping protection.

Bank account numbers, passport or other ID numbers and passwords should never be kept on your computer. Some websites utilize spyware to enter your computer and search out this information to be sent back to unscrupulous people, allowing them to rob your identity. Instead, keep this information on a burned CD or a USB memory stick which you can remove easily. Better yet, just write it down in a handy notepad that you keep beside your desk. Hackers haven't yet figured out how to get to offline materials!

When paying for something during your online shopping spree, avoid using services like Western Union or any other payment method where you are not protected. With systems like PayPal, if you don't receive the goods after sending payment, you have ways to reclaim your money, whereas with a check, or certain other payment methods you have no proof.

Whenever you are asked to enter private, personal information, check to see if there is a privacy policy on the website. This should just say that they promise to keep your information safe and will not sell, rent or give it away to anyone else. If there is no privacy policy, do not submit your information since it will then become public property.

Also, when doing your online shopping, you should always have an anti-virus and an anti-spyware program installed on your computer and running. Online shopping while unprotected is a very dangerous venture! You can pick up all sorts of nasty problems while searching for that perfect Christmas gift!

Online shopping is convenient and in most cases, secure. Just make sure you use the above tips to keep it completely safe.
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