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Using Position Marketing to Gain an Edge

Nov 30, 2007
Positioning is putting yourself in the right place in the eyes of your market. You need to convince your market that you are an expert that can be trusted in your selected niche. In other words, your seen as a respected and reliable resource for information.

Positioning is easy created by simply providing quality information of interest to your market that targets the problems your niche market may be facing. Your market is the people who would be likely to buy the services or products you offer.

Let's say your niche market is people who like to fish. What they buy are reels, poles, lure, etc... things they need to fish with. You could create a free report that these people would be interested in to help them, such as

- 25 Year Veteran Uncovers His Never Fail Tips to Landing Monster Salmon...

- Discover The Fine Art of Fly-Tying that Even a Complete Novice Could Master...

- Learn the Hidden Secrets of the Best Fishing Spots Your Grandad Never Told You...

- The One Tip That Will Allow You to Cleaning a Bass in Less Than 60 seconds...

Now these are just an example, but if you create reports that focuses on aspects of your niche you will attract the interest from your target market - the people most likely to buy from you.

Chances are if those readers found something useful in your report, then they would be interested in reading more... and they will also want to give it to their friends. So give it to them by getting them to sign up to your list!

That is how positioning works, and the rewards in utilizing this technique can be very profitable. Creating a list of targeted, loyal and responsive prospects is without question the most effective method of creating a sustainable and profitable business.

Not only can you show them how to catch more fish with the least possible effort, you can also explain the benefits of how your products can best help them to achieve their goals. Since you will be perceived as an expert, they will look forward to contact from you to get the latest tips.

One you've built trust and a relationship with your list, you can then begin to offer your list exclusive deals, deep discounts, holiday specials, even the chance to sign-up for a paid subscription service where they get the meanest down and dirty underground secrets of fishing success where the fish don't stand a chance in Neptune.

The secret to positioning is to communicate with your market and giving them what they desire. But above all, look for answers and innovations. Then find a way to use them in your marketing and advertising. People will always be interested in new and better things and are drawn to those who have them.

This will not only help in positioning yourself as an expert, but also in finding ways to position your products or service as having unique benefits. You do this by finding unsolved needs and thinking up solutions. Being the first at something also affirms you as an expert par excellence.

If you do these things, you and your business will be positioned. You will have the Marketing Edge.
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AL MENDOZA has been doing Internet Marketing since 1998 and earns his living 100% online. Mr. Mendoza has authored several publications and ecourses. He is the CEO of MarketingThinkbox.com
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