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Developing Your Own Products

Nov 30, 2007
You probably already know this, but one of the easiest ways to make huge profits on the net is to develop your own product. This way you can get an army of affiliates working for you to help you reach your income goals.

This is without question the ulitmate leverage to creating a huge online income.

However one of the biggest complaints I continually hear from people when I mention this model is that they don't have the skills to create their own product. With today's technology, nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, that's right. Regardless of who you are or what you do... anyone cane create their own product.

For example, one of the best methods for developing your own product is to create a DVD. Does that sound like a viable business? Well, let us see...

First off you shoot a video tutorial and convert it to DVD. The topic could be about anything you have knowledge about. And if you think hard enough I'm positive you could find something that others would be interested in learning how to do.

Simply reach into your experience of things you have learned or discovered how to do. You'll be surprise how often people are searching for information on the things you take for granted!

In the unlikely even you simple can't think of any topic you could talk about, then uou could collect a number of private label rights (PLR) products and convert them into DVD format, and then sell them as a physical product.

This way you instantly create your own unique selling position by being different to all the other people selling the same stuff. You'd be surprise how many people prefer a physical product rather than a digital product... and they're prepared to pay more just for the previlidge!

Ok. You've created your video tutorial or converted some PLR's to DVD. From there you can have the DVD duplicated with four-color printing and have it in four-color printed packaging which makes it look very professional.

This may cost you a couple dollars each, but that's just if you want to be fancy about it by using photographs. Otherwise, two-color printing will work just fine.

Now your DVDs are ready to sell. From just a couple of bucks for production costs, you can mark up your product as you see fit. Charge $97.00 or $149.00 a copy, over and over again.

You could even produce a set of DVD's and charge $495.00. It doesn't take much to figure why people are becoming wealthy doing this!

Like I mentiond before, the way way to make a valuable DVD is to create a "show n tell" tutorial on how to do something people want to do, or how to have something people want to have.

This is the information age and if you put out the information, and people are hungry for information. And the truth is that if you are currently selling printed how-to material, you can command a much higher price if you provide that information in DVD format.

Information DVDs are perfect products to develop as they are inexpensive to make, yet have a high-perceived value. They are heavily in demand, and staggeringly easy to sell for huge profits. The money you can generate from doing this is truly outrageous!
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AL MENDOZA has been doing Internet Marketing since 1998 and earns his living 100% online. Mr. Mendoza has authored several publications and ecourses. He is the CEO of MarketingThinkbox.com
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