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Article Marketing - 3 Steps for Massive Free Traffic

Dec 1, 2007
There are a lot of methods to get free qualified traffic for your website. The method that I recommend most is article marketing because it is relatively easy to do and best of all, it's free. In addition, it can generate hundreds if not thousands of natural backlinks to your website in a short time.

The immediate result of article marketing is the massive traffic to your website from article directories and other websites that reprint or publish your articles. In the long term, your Google PageRank will increase due to relevant backlinks from article directories which usually have high PageRank, and thus will your ranking in the search results.

Article marketing is quite easy. Just follow the three steps below to jump-start your article marketing:

1. Write a few articles, preferably with topics related to your website's niche. Articles should be between 400-800 words in length. Remember to spell check and proofread your articles for spelling and grammatical error. It is preferable to write your articles yourself, but if you really can't write or don't have the time to write, you can hire a ghostwriter to help you. Make sure you request a few sample articles from the ghostwriter so that you can judge the quality of the articles before you commit.

2. Prepare a short signature. This part is the most important because this is where you put the links to your websites. If you are promoting an affiliate program, do not put the affiliate link directly here. Instead put the link on a website you created and put your website link here. You can use relevant keywords as anchor text of your links.

3. With the above 2 steps done, you're now ready to submit your articles to the article directories. There are hundreds of article directories on the Internet. For a start, I recommend you submit to the following article directories and article distribution sites:
a. EzineArticles
b. GoArticles
c. Artipot

That's it! If you've done the steps above correctly, you'll get tons of targeted and qualified traffic to your sites for free.
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Michelle is an expert in the field of article marketing. To learn more about Internet marketing, visit her blog at Michelle's Marketing Blog.
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