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Network Marketers - Why You Must Outsource To Stay Afloat

Dec 1, 2007
Most of us are conditioned to work for somebody else - a very hard cycle to break - and that mentality, in most cases, doesn't change when we become self-employed - via network marketing. The downside is, most will just sit on the fence instead of going out there to see what they can do about growing their business. The tendency is not to even try. And what compounds the problem is the people you recruit, too, are like that. Can you see how hard it is to break this cycle? When you're so used to having your boss tell you what to do, you tend to carry this baggage with you into self-employment. I call it the rat race syndrome!

But there is a solution: Use that negative influence that's got a hold on you to push back. How? Employ someone else to do what you "think" you can't do yourself - for whatever reason. Chances are, an employee will see you as their boss... and they WILL work hard to keep their job. That is what we are conditioned to do. A downline is unlikely to outperform an employee in terms of hard work and dedication. Use this weakness in people to propel your home-based business forward. Outsource your work!

Maybe when you begin to see the money - or fear losing money if you allowed your employees to slack (typically what YOUR boss would do!) - you will begin to take your home-based business more seriously. I call it self-entrapment! But the funny thing is, it puts you in the drivers seat where you are the boss over someone else - something we all aspire to in the rat race - AND the reason why you go to school; get a "secure" job and work really really hard to get that raise and that promotion. Use that weakness in you to get your business moving. It may well surprise you.

For those of you who's network marketing companies allow you to set up an advertising co-op (to spread the cost), my advice is you set one up for the sole purpose of hiring someone to do the work. Call it a Retail Co-op! Hire someone to SELL your company's products and share the leads and sales with your co-op members.

One place to find highly skilled freelance workers is http://GetAFreelancer.com. The system is simple. You setup a project and fee range that you are prepared to pay (eg $30-$80) and they (the freelancers) bid for the job. I suggest you sign up (it's free) and get the feel for the site before you do anything.

If you plan to run a Retail Advertising Co-op with your downline, the easiest way to evenly distribute leads is through a page rotator. I use http://PageSwirl.com to rotate mine as well as my
downlines' gateways. Their service is excellent and includes additional training tools that I find very handy. It's free to sign up!

So the next you're trying to figure out how to take your business to the next step, consider outsourcing!
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Anthony J. Namata is a successful Internet Marketer and author of How to Become An International Gemstone Dealer http://www.thegemsreport.com and http://www.DiaryOfAnInternetMarketer.com
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