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Corporate Logo Golf Balls

Dec 2, 2007
Corporate logo golf balls are a great for trade shows, corporate events and sales incentives. Golf lovers everywhere appreciate imprinted or logo golf balls. Round logos work the best because they maximize the imprint-able area on the ball. A rectangular or horizontal style logo would be shrunk to fit in the standard logo area.

Brands used for corporate logo golf balls include such well-known names as Nike, Precept, Callaway, Bridgestone, Titleist, Maxfli and Taylor Made. Custom golf balls can be provided in a clean, sharp and exact color as requested. Most companies that provide custom logo golf balls have a minimum order required.
Imagine if your companies name appears on such a popular golf ball as Titleist, Wilson, Spalding or Nike. Your clients and customers will be impressed. Many top corporations and companies use corporate logo golf balls to promote their particular business image. Playing golf is one of the most popular ways for business people to get to know their clients and customers in a more relaxed environment.

Corporate logo golf balls are a great gift to give to your golfing business partners and clients. Each time they use your golf balls your company is being promoted. If your company is sponsoring a golf tournament then these balls are a great way to promote the tournament especially if the golf balls are given away as free.

Corporate logo golf balls are a great gift idea at company Christmas parties and summer barbeques. They can be used as prizes during contests such as longest drive or closest to the pin. Anyone who plays golf will appreciate a box of free golf balls.

If your company is considering using corporate logo golf balls for their promotion it is important to consider the quality of golf ball used. You do not want your company associated with a cheap product. That is why it is important to use the best possible ball for your promotion and events. Experienced and knowledgeable golfers will know that you have cut corners and used a cheaper ball. They will wonder if that is the way, your company conducts their business. The same thing occurs that if your company chooses a top brand, people will think your company cares about their product and service.

Mass production of corporate logo golf balls is not the way to go either. You want your company's golf balls to be exclusive items. This enhances a corporate image of quality products and quality people. Using a good marketing and planning campaign will go a long way in promoting your company's products and services.
Corporate logo golf balls get attention and handing out free golf balls gets your company noticed especially if your company targets the golfing crowd. These types of marketing tools are perfect for giving gifts, excellent for a company or corporate promotion and branding, and plus they perfect for golf events of all kinds. Custom golf balls are hot in golf they are in high demand. So get your company involved in this great marketing tool.

Make sure the company that your hire to imprint your logo on their golf balls uses a process that seals the logo on the ball. The proper way to do this is to take an unfinished ball and pad print the logo on and then once it is dry, a clear coat is applied over the ball to seal the logo. The makes the logo more resistant to any wearing or scratching. This is the most effective way to produce corporate logo golf balls.

Some companies will not apply a clear coat to the golf balls, this means the logo is not sealed thus making it susceptible to scratching, wearing or fading over time. When arranging a quote from a company for your corporate logo golf balls, make sure that there are no hidden fees or setup fees added. Some suppliers have been known to leave out a setup charge to make their cost per dozen seem cheaper. Then they may add a setup charge or fee that is hidden somewhere in the fine print.

In conclusion, when searching for a supplier to provide your corporate logo golf balls or any other promotional golf item it is important to do your homework and ask questions. Your company's image is at stake.
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