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Earn Their Loyalty With Cross Pens This Christmas

Dec 2, 2007
It's almost Christmas once again. It's that happy time of the year when giving gifts to your family and nearest and dearest friends is a pleasure. Giving gifts to people not as close to you, however, is not as pleasurable, and it's something that you might even want to skip altogether. But as a business owner or manager, giving gifts to your loyal subordinates and employees is almost a tradition, and if the holiday spirit means anything to you, it's something you definitely can't get away from.

More Than Just Hired Help

Your subordinates and employees have loyally labored and worked hard for you all year round. They've brought in the much needed revenues and profits for the company. Suffice to say, without them, you won't have a steadily operating business in the first place. So like any good boss, you'd want to keep them on board for as long as you possibly can. Most of the time, this can be done with decent wages and ideal working conditions.

Still, your employees and subordinates are human beings, and chances are they would like to be treated as such and not just as hired help. This is where your people skills come into good use. Treating your subordinates and employees with respect and appreciation is almost always guaranteed to keep them loyal to you, your cause, and the company. There's no better way to do that than by giving them gifts this Christmas.

Keep It Safe, Keep It Simple

Giving gifts to employees and subordinates can be a little bit tricky. You want to be able to show your gratitude, but not overdo it. You need to be fair to all the recipients and make sure that all of them can appreciate your gift without offending or going against individual beliefs and opinions. Suffice to say, you need a gift that's safe. Consider Cross pens.

Cross pens are the ideal Christmas presents for subordinates and employees. They are neither flashy nor obstrusive. Instead, Cross pens exude an image of quiet elegance and taste. Furthermore, Cross pens are functional and can be used by your employees and subordinates in any way they please.

Of course, by giving all of your employees and subordinates the same Cross pens, your presents run the risk of being viewed as generic and impersonal. Add a personal touch by having each of your subordinates' and employees' names engraved on the Cross pens' sleek bodies. They will surely appreciate such a gesture.

Indeed, it's one of those brilliant gift ideas that are so simple that you find yourself wondering why you didn't think of it sooner. The important thing is you're giving your employees and subordinates the respect and appreciation that they so crave and deserve this Christmas from you, their superior. In return, you'll be guaranteed their loyalty and respect in the long run. It's amazing how such a small gesture can go a very long way, and you can be sure that it won't go by unnoticed.
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