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Make A Smart Move With Your Relocation Cover Letter

Dec 2, 2007
A winning relocation cover letter requires a bit of fine tuning and some careful consideration. Securing a job before a move to a new city or state is tricky, at best and downright frustrating, at worst. A good cover letter is sure to be a valuable tool. Long-distance job-hunting is an arduous task. Competing for available positions with local residents puts the advantage squarely on the home team. The structure and content of your cover letter is crucial. Lay out in precise terms that despite the extra miles, you are more than worth their while.

Grabbing a hiring manager's attention from across the country is no easy task. A good cover letter reaches across that distance with a clear picture of what you have to offer. Cover letters are about introducing your skills and abilities. Adding personal touches within reason, serves to make the reader comfortable and interested in learning more about the applicant. Make your first sentence count. A long-distance first impression must be more than just another first impression. It must be a lasting one.

Pick and choose the information you share in your cover letter. Too much information can make you sound needy. Save the semi-gory details for the interview and only share what you feel is relevant to your ability to do the job. Keep your private and home life out of the cover letter content. On the other hand, not enough information can lead a hiring manager to perceive you as non-committal. Smart businesses don't take chances on applicants who "might" be moving in the near future. Neither option sells you as the attractive and competent employee that you are. Strike a healthy balance between pertinent and personal information, making your cover letter uniquely you.

Is there a specific reason for the pending move? If so, briefly cover those reasons in the letter. This lets the hiring manager know that your move is planned and that your intent is to find gainful employment. Clarify that you are doing more than just testing the waters and weighing the options. Long-distance applicants require the company to expend valuable time and effort beyond the norm. It is to your advantage to make it perfectly clear that you are moving not just that you are thinking about moving.

If applicable, provide specific dates for your pending move. Indicating specific dates shows that you are prepared for the move already. Indicate how soon you will be available to work upon completion of the relocation. Arrange times and dates that you will be able to travel and include them in the cover letter as well. A hiring manager will be impressed by your presence of mind in arranging a specific window of time to schedule interviews. Schedule this time several weeks prior to the move to allow for more than one interview if necessary. It shows that you are willing to meet the company more than halfway and that is a definite indicator that your interest is sincere and well-thought.

If you are relocating for your own reasons and you are footing the expense of the entire relocation inform the hiring manager of such in the cover letter. Relocation costs are a big concern for the company. If you stress that you are absorbing all the costs for the move itself, you easily increase your chances of being called. If the company does not have to worry about losing money the hiring manager is far more likely to proceed with the hiring process. Losing time has a negative affect on any company. Losing time and money is even more detrimental to a business's finances.

Use the cover letter to convey that you are more than willing to conduct the initial interview by phone. Give specific times that you will be available to talk uninterrupted about the position and what you can do for the company. Be sure to provide accurate phone numbers and make arrangements for a quiet place to talk for as much time as necessary. A phone interview is easier on the hiring manager and the applicant. A big plus is that it costs a lot less than a plane ticket for either party. If you sincerely demonstrate that you are more-than-ready to facilitate communication, the hiring manager is certain to take that into account.
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