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How To Navigate The Highway To Success

Dec 2, 2007
From; The School Of Hard Knocks:

And I mean that literally as I came from the door to door direct sales business. As I look back and reflect on that business it was amazing that I was able to earn a six-figure income with all the challenges you can only imagine I had to overcome. Notice I said challenges because I learned early on in my career to look at all obstacles as a challenge rather that a problem. Learning how to overcome rejection was a big learning curve but soon realized that handling it would pay me very well. In fact I thrived on rejection and forced myself to learn how to turn it into a positive driving force.

Having learned to be responsible for my own actions and not blaming others for my shortcomings was a big step in my growth. I also took on the attitude of action first we'll talk about how great we are after we get the job done. This one concept is the biggest reason I believe people fail in the pursuit of success. Put the idea into action test it and get results faster. You can adjust it later to make it more productive instead of thinking about it forever and finally giving up on the idea.

Many opportunities are on the table for our selection however they are only as good as our commitment focus and ability to put ideas into action. Work habits are a major player in the pursuit of the secrets of success. I might not be as smart as you but I will out work you philosophy is well served when going after something you have decided to do. Keeping records of everything will keep you on track to stay focused on the main goal. You have to know where you are at to know where your going and don't get busy being busy thinking your productive.

There are so many fantastic opportunities on the computer you will have to be very selective and be willing to take a few risk but the payoff can be very rewarding. Coming from the door to door sales field and finding this business is very exciting for me. We can duplicate our efforts at the speed of light with the push of a button instead of a cold hard knock on the door. Sometimes we do not realize what we have till it's gone holds true for all avenues of life. This is a smart way to work hard and see results for many years to come. In closing I am willing to take the steps toward research and developing products to help all of us succeed in this field. I know if I help you I will be rewarded in more ways than one. I also owe my success to many mentors teachings, countless seminars, books and self improvement programs to many to count.

Please stay tuned for my future articles on the direct sales field. Confessions of a door to door vacuum salesperson .
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