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A Reality Check Prior To Starting An Internet Business

Dec 3, 2007
The thrill of starting a business on the Internet is hard to ignore. Working from wherever you want, choosing which hours you work (even whilst sleeping) and making pots of money. So.... how could you possibly not be drawn into diving straight into building your website or writing a blog?

Not so fast - slow down a minute! You would not believe how many internet millionaire "wanna-bes" there are around, several of whom have spent years of their time and thousands of dollars trying to set up profitable internet businesses.

It appears that everyone is making money on line but that is simply not true. Failure is rarely admitted because no one likes to be a flop and also because on the internet perception means everything. Therefore, if you are seen to be a failure no-one will be interested in your business, resulting in a downward spiral of trade.

So what are the disadvantages and obstacles encountered by potential Internet entrepreneurs?

The first is the steep learning curve - and there is no single "how-to" guide to follow.

Making a success of an on line business needs mastery of many key abilities which are not directly required for off line businesses. For example, you have to build a user-friendly and relevant website or blog, then be able to drive traffic to it without making errors so your potential customer/client does not move away from your site due to loss of interest or confidence in you.

It's Not Easy!

There are numerous ways to learn about starting a business on line such as, books, on line business models, "how-to" courses and the words of experts but it is hard for a newcomer to be sure which method to have faith in.

The second issue mentioned above which needs much attention, is the way to drive traffic to your website. The amount of competition in connection with search engines, keywords and phrases is often vastly underestimated by the novice internet marketer.

Top-ten rankings for the most popular keywords is extremely difficult to achieve, so the novice will need to master the art of advertising on line, which can be quite a costly exercise.

The third and final obstacle is the fact that it is very easy to become distracted when building an Internet business.

When you subscribe to Internet e-zines or log onto discussion forums, both of which are well known methods of building knowledge and connecting with potential customers or partners, you will be bombarded on a daily basis with new ways to make your fortune. You will be offered more top secret, never before revealed to the public methods to target visitors to your website than you could ever think possible.

Although some of these strategies may be excellent for particular on line businesses, many will not suit and much time and money is wasted by internet marketers trying to distinguish which one is right for them, when they really should putting more effort into mastering the method they already have in use.

If you are considering starting an internet business this article will serve as a "reality check" for you. It really is possible to make a substantial secondary or even primary income online - but you have much more chance of success if you are aware of the obstacles you are likely to encounter along the way.

Good luck!
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