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When the Customer is Always Right

Dec 3, 2007
When the Customer is always right is ALL OF THE TIME! As part of your business and personal growth, you need to take this time honored concept to heart. Even when you are 200% sure you are in the right, you are required to give your customer the benefit of the doubt, and error in his/her favor whenever possible.

Why? If you want to stay in business, you have an obligation to keep the customer happy. Although it may be the ultimate challenge, here are seven tips on what to do when the customer is always right.

1. Treat each customer as if he/she is the best customer to ever visit your business. Granted, there will be many days you will feel this is the hardest part of your job, but it is definitely worth the effort. You will grow as an individual, and your business is likely to nurture a repeat customer. The idea is simple. You treat your customer as you would like to be treated.

2. Keep your word even when it would be more convenient to do something else. For example, if you say you have a no hassle return policy, then keep your word and do not give the customer a hard time, if an item is returned. You are more likely to make another transaction with that consumer in the future.

3. Give 110% to your customer. If a certain level of service is expected, up the ante and give beyond expectations. The answer may be as simple as offering to carry out a parcel, opening the door, or putting a promotional writing utensil in the sack with every purchase. Use your imagination!

4. Show more concerned for the customer than your cash register receipts for the day. Remember, your customers are how you keep your doors open. If not for them, you would have no bottom line to worry about in the first place.

5. Treat your good workers well, so they will stick around. For example, my home is largely furnished by one business. However, I will never give them business in the future. Why? I have developed a good relationship with their top saleslady, and she has been let go, for reasons unknown. Likewise, your steady customers will develop business relationships with your staff, which will encourage them to come back in the future.

6. Encourage repeat business by offering discounts on return visits, for example. Give your customers a reason to come back and develop a sense of loyalty. Sometimes, it will cost you nothing more than a kind word or a smile.

Personally, I have a favorite coffee shop. The incentive offered is a stamp card. After the twelfth stamp, the next latte is free; and on Sundays I get two stamps for one purchase. However, although the free cup of coffee is nice, I go back because I like the owners, and I want them to succeed. Thus, I am a loyal customer.

7. Admit defeat when you have a customer you will never please, no matter what you do. Chances are the customer is monopolizing your time, or that of your worker. In addition, he/she has unrealistic expectations of the services you should provide, and will never be happy, no matter what you do. In this case, politely suggest a competitor who may be better able to provide the customer with what he/she needs. After all, you cannot win them all.

If you practice these 7 principles of good business, and recognize when the customer is always right, not only will your business grow through word of mouth and customer loyalty, you will probably grow personally as well. I can almost guarantee an extra measure of patience.
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Paul Sutherland is an Accelerated Business Growth Coach. His company - Daniel Thomas International - www.dti.eu.com helps corporate and SMEs to grow their businesses with tried tested and proven techniques and strategies, increasing their bottom line profits in 90 days or less?

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