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Writing Script, Managed Time: To Create Great Video Product

Dec 3, 2007
If you have been thinking of developing a video products for In tenet business, you might have been throwing around ideas more than you are knowledge to do it. You should consider brainstorming for initial concept- this is significant. However, you must put limitation in this stage- the development stage- because you may consume so much time for that and yet not able to do anything.

You have to establish a systematic schedule by providing deadlines or working table because you need it- you might not think of it. Do not make your self foolish by believing that you are having progress when you are sucked as early in developing concept process.

If you fail to focus on a certain project and bring it through to successful completion is a clear mark that you are procrastinating. If you acquire a brainstorm for developing a different video product everyday but you have not developed a single one to make it sold in the internet, you have to wake up and to something about it now.

You have to streamline your mind focus and establish a schedule to have it taped. For instance, if your friends say that you are naturally born comedian, you can have the idea of creating a great video product with the comedy theme. And, to have this accomplished, setting deadlines, priorities and plan is essential.

As mentioned, you have to be professional in setting the time table. Establish a shooting schedule and you have to follow it. Being professional with schedules could help you to achieve the your goal and you can notice the difference from unmanaged time. Though, project accomplishment depends on the availability of your time, you can still have this done if you make your spare time be consumed systematically for this. You can get up your bed a little bit earlier if you can believe you can do some for your project during this time.

Avoid the culture off believing that there is a perfect time to do you video content; this is the common error. You can not afford to wait for inspiration to get your video content creation started. You need to establish a sense of enthusiasm to develop right video content as early as you can and make every single second counts.

So, materialize your ideas in video content product creation now. Grab your writing materials now to have that written and then establish a time table to shoot it and see its results.
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Stephen C Campbell (MBA, MSc, MCIM) is a business consultant who has conducted business throughout Europe, Far East & U.S. He specializes in helping businesses use the new technologies as a part of their business strategies.
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