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Sponsoring - It's Not That Hard

Dec 3, 2007
MLM businesses are based on building a strong team of sales people. Therefore it is very important to have multiple ways of recruiting your team members. Not only must you be able to build a team but also know how to retain your members and prevent the large amount of dropouts that is common in MLM businesses. You must also be able to train your sales force to duplicate your success.

Many people have a misconception about MLM recruiting. They feel that the best and maybe only way to build your team is to buy leads and attempt to persuade them to join your opportunity. This method can become quite costly and is not really as effective as it needs to be to build a strong active team. There is usually a fairly high drop out with this method.

To be successful in recruiting you will need to develop multiple ways of building your sales team. You will also need to develop a successful system that you can train your team to use. MLM is all about people and you will need to have good social skills and like working with others.

Here are some ideas for recruiting team members:

E-book: Write, or have written an interesting and informative book that will focus on network marketing and your products. Include in it a pre-sell for your opportunity. When prospects read your book they will perceive you as an expert and be curious about your opportunity. This in turn will build trust in your readers and encourage them to join your opportunity. You can sell it for a nominal price and offset advertising costs. Provide full resale rights so that your team can do the same.

You can also put your recruiting on autopilot with viral marketing. You can do this by using your e-book, or an e-report, as a free giveaway to recruit through a viral marketing campaign. As more books or reports are given away your recruiting campaign will snowball.

Opt-in newsletter: A free newsletter will capture visitors email addresses and names to help you build a list of prospects and customers. A quality publication that is targeted to your market will help you build good relationships with your subscribers and over time convert your leads to join your opportunity.

Google Adwords: this a fast and cost effective way to use Pay-Per-Click advertising, which will drive many targeted leads to your website. They will either become your subscribers, sign up for more information or directly join your opportunity. Always pay special attention to Google's excellent tutorials and do not bid too high at first.

Offline: You can also branch out into advertising in Home business magazines offline, but you need to work up some money to do this as it can be quite costly.

These are just a few ways to recruit team members for your opportunity. As your business grows you will be able to develop more methods to build a strong active team.
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