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How Lucrative Is Owning An Online Wholesale Business?

Aug 17, 2007
In the past decade many online wholesale businesses had gone broke. With today fortune 500 companies as offline competition and direct rivals, there is low chance that a new mom and dad business can open a wholesale business around such giants. It will be difficult to profit with such high capital companies budget and weekly offers for our daily consumers. It is my opinion and conclusion that the most profitable and sound possibility of making a profit or perhaps a living from a discount store or a wholesale business is through online marketing. There are numerous reason of why I can support such conclusion:

Owning a wholesale business on the Internet takes less than 90 seconds if you already know how to research online. While starting a business offline takes months and at times years depending on state regulations, permissions and licenses for opening operations. I mean think about it, what can be better than sitting in your home, having a successful wholesale business without leaving your house while still enjoying your time with your love ones? In my opinion, there is no better way or option that the poor class and middle class can enjoy a healthy, simple and financial freedom life then an online business. There are numerous people making a living by selling wholesale online. Take the Internet marketing giant example, eBay. The auction giant has thousands of successful sellers selling from condoms to houses every day.

Developing a successful wholesale business from the start can begin in as little as one hundred dollars. You can outsource a web designer for constructing your website in places like India, Pakistan and other 3rd world countries for less than a medium large pizza, while still having money for marketing promotions. With an offline business you need hundreds and thousands of dollars to receive successful leads and buyers to your shop depending on your business. So what can be better than an online business for receiving passive income that once successful, keeps coming and coming to your bank account non-stop? In our 2006-year reality, there is nothing that comes more simpler then online marketing income. You wake up in the morning, check your email, get excited as you see the "Notification Of Payment Received", send buyer order information to your secret drop ship suppliers and you count your net income for the rest of the day. That of course once you have your business with steady free organic traffic from the search engines in which takes day or months depending on how white hat or black hat you become in the search engine optimization world.

In conclusion: I suggest you start your own business, get some experience by selling stuff either on eBay or at your own website and in the long-term view see the rewards that may come to you selected the right niche product or service to offer online consumers.
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Joaquin Reveron is the President of Video Games Mystery Corp. Trainer and wholesale marketing consultant for online and offline purchases. Wholesale Video Games is one of the topics discussed at http://www.videogamesmystery.com .
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