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Before You Start Your Home Business

Dec 3, 2007
The health and wellness industry is one of the largest markets, but in order to make a profitable business, it is imperative to find your own niche, or specialized field. There are many fields to choose from in this wide and interesting market. There are even multiple forms of business models for you to choose from. You can have a simple website selling products and e-books, either your own or affiliate programs. Or you can have a cyber store, selling products, like vitamins and food supplements. You can offer a Q & A site or even offer a service like fitness or health consultation, however by far the most popular are the Network marketing and MLM programs.

Finding your niche:

The most important step when choosing a business in this field is to find a niche market. Finding a niche is not as hard as it sounds. As mentioned there are many markets within this large and growing Industry. Choose a few and then check out supply and demand. Whichever ones have a high demand and low supply will be your profitable niche market. You can use the overture search tool to estimate demand, (amount of searches), and look on Google for supply, (amount of web sites).

Tools you will need:

Autoresponder: In order to send mail to more than one person you will need an autoresponder. This will take care of your newsletter, and manage your subscriber list. It will also take care of your other lists like leads and customers. Mailers con be sent out with this valuable tool. There is usually a nominal monthly subscription fee.

Website: Your own website is important to the development of your business. To set this up you will need to build a theme content website. This is a website built around a special field. With your own website you will be able to build multiple streams of income all from one central website.

Newsletter: You should add a newsletter to capture visitors email addresses and gather leads and prospective customers for your opportunity and other products.

Multiple streams of income: Your next step will be to gather opportunities and products that are related to your market. You can start with an MLM business and add streams of income like products, e-books and services, which you can use affiliates to market.

At first start with one opportunity and try to work it for 3 months at least. As you develop your opportunity and start to make money you can then start another stream of income. Gradually you can build up until you have many streams of income in one market. After this you can expand into related markets and duplicate your successes.
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Zach Thompson is a 23 year-old network marketer & marketing consultant. Why Starting a Small Home Business?
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