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Internet Marketing And List Building - I've Built It, But They Won't Come

Dec 3, 2007
Have you spent the past week building the killer squeeze page for your Internet marketing business? Do the benefits of signing up for your list call out to the people who see them, urging them to join? Is your opt-in box finely crafted and what about your headline? Does it rock? That's a pretty sweet page.

"But I'm not getting any results because I have no traffic," you say.

If that's true for you, let's discuss some of the ways to drive people to your squeeze page and then, it can do its work:

1. Paid Ezine Ads: You can find ezines in your niche and place ads in them that lead to your squeeze page. Find them by searching at Google for a keyword in your Internet marketing niche. Check the top sites to see if they have newsletters or ezines. Or, sign up for one of the ezine directories and choose from there. Just be sure that whatever ezine or newsletter you sign up for is in your niche or closely related to your niche and that it has thousands of subscribers. Evaluate how a small ad does before spending a lot of money. If you get results, then think about advertising in that ezine all the time.

2. Place Articles into Article Directories: When you give people information they're looking for in an article, they're quite likely to follow the link to your squeeze page, the link for which will be in your author's resource box. To the people reading, you're an expert, especially if you've solved a problem for them, and they want to learn all they can from you.

3. Try Video: Videos are all the rage with Internet marketing because they work so well. If you use humor, all the better. People love those, and will be putting them on their websites all over the Internet. Just be sure to exhibit the URL to your squeeze page prominently at the bottom of the screen.

4. Buy Pay-per-Click Ads: Google AdWords is the most prominent pay-per-click service with the widest exposure because of AdSense, the sister program that places ads on websites that fit the content of your ad. You'll surely get the widest exposure with Google, but Yahoo has a pay-per-click service, as does AdBright among others. Just be sure to set a daily spending limit so that you aren't stuck with a huge bill at the end of the month.

5. Write in a Blog: If you write in a voice that people can enjoy and give some great insights and information in your blog, you can drive tons of traffic to your squeeze page from it. Also be sure to put an opt-in box at the top of your sidebar, and you'll be getting people onto your list that don't even come to your squeeze page at all.

But there are many ways to drive traffic, including integration marketing, podcasing, press releases, etc. However, these are some of the easiest to implement. Try them, and see if your traffic doesn't increase very, very quickly.
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