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Job Seekers Need A Number Of Specifically Tailored Resumes

Dec 3, 2007
Job seekers not only need a resume, they need a number of different specifically tailored resumes - be it for different jobs, careers, companies and industries.

Putting your resume together is not just an off the shelf , fill in the blanks , paint by numbers approach with a piece of computer software that you purchased at a big box store or download on the internet.. Remember you are in competition with other people for that good job. Sure you might get away with such an approach on the easy to get, low paying jobs - but not on the better paying jobs, that are more exciting, pay more and offer better working conditions, pay and benefits.

The off the shelf resume packages may be a good starting points but there will be specific issues that you will have to address in the resume - if you are to make a good enough first impression - to both get the interview , have created a good first impression , before you walk in the door, and of course get that job.

All job applicants preparing a resume have special situations that require careful handling on the part of the resume

First of all it is best to leave out personal information unless you think that it will increase your chances of landing that job. Such information, amazingly enough, even will include your height, your weight and medical, marital and family status, including how many children that you have. Why limit yourself in your employment job search, For example if a recruiter is looking for someone who needs to travel extensively - or even on an irregular basis - say to company meetings, then a single parent situation where you are taking care of a child might present an impediment in appearances to yourself as a suitable job candidate. However on the other hand if the job requires you to relocate to a smaller or more remote community, then having a family - with its intact support group and emotional support, might be seen as a major advantage for a job candidate.

The expression is that "it all depends how you tell the story". One very successful businessman's mother imparted this important knowledge to him. "Don't lie. And if you do not know then do not say anything"" This stuck with this very successful businessman his whole life. If you sincerely want the job and are reasonably qualified to perform that job and employment in the organization, then that is not lying and deceit you are simply presenting yourself, your qualifications, skills and attributes in the best light. It is not as if you are selling a faulty or misrepresented product. You are what you are. It is not as if you are selling a horse that will pass away the next day or a car that will drive today when purchased but that the wheels will spin off tomorrow. Once the employment hiring decision has been made and the employer finds that are a productive employee that brings in the numbers, make the sales quotas or basically do the job very well anything becomes irrelevant and is forgotten, other than the job at hand

. You and the other applicants are there to get the job. You have to be resourceful and creative in life. In business this is called marketing. To prepare yourself properly you not only have to have a job resume- you have to have a number of tailored job resumes as well as the ability to modify your resume to fit the job employment , career or industry specifics.
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