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Getting Your Company To Understand New Union Contracts

Dec 3, 2007
Few employers like to go through union contract negotiations as they take a lot of time and effort. For hours and days and even months you may be fighting and arguing over the smallest of details finding out in the end that your company has been reamed a new one. The other problem you face is the chaos that comes around after the contracts are implemented and managers must follow the new mandates.

Before you can get your supervisors, managers, accountants to truly understand the contracts you will need to get copies of these contracts. This is important if you are going to give them something to walk away from the meeting with. They will need this information to truly understand what is going on.

It is also important to develop a PowerPoint that will discuss/highlight all of the important changes to the contract. Each item must be discussed as it relates to the impact of operations. The overall understanding of each manager is important to effectively manage and handle the situation.

The company will also want to truly understand the impact of the contract by thoroughly understanding it implications on the operations of the organization. Particularly if the human resource doesn't understand the implications there will be no one who can handle those tough questions that come around when it comes down to implementation.

A company meeting should be called that will discuss the overall implications of the contract, necessary changes and allowing for questions and answers. Managers are likely to have a lot of questions and will throw them at the person running the meeting. In many cases these managers may be a little disgruntled by having to make changes because of the union and are likely not to show mercy to the person standing in front of them.

You will also want to make sure there is a point person who manages any questions that arise operationally from the managers. Once people begin to implement the ideas and mandates of the new contract they will have plenty of questions of how things actually work out. In the end they will need to call someone who can make the final decision.

Corporations and businesses will also want to consider the overall strategy they are going to have towards the implementation of the contract. In the majority of situations it makes sense to take a very strict approach to issues such as putting the majority of the burden on the workers themselves. For example, if they want to get paid out for their PTO time versus using it then the company can force them to put it in writing. As time goes on the strict interpretation is likely to get challenged so the business must start out tight and loosen up later.

Steps to successfully informing managers about union contract changes:

1.) Understand the contract.
2.) Hold a meeting with all of the managers highlighting the changes within the contract utilizing a PowerPoint.
3.) Allow for questions and answers sections.
4.) Give them a copy of the contract.
5.) Ensure that there is someone within the company who can answer their questions when they arise.
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