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Create Your Own Network Marketing Leads

Dec 3, 2007
This article is designed to teach a person how to create their own network marketing leads to avoid the incredibly high cost of those currently offered on the Internet.

The first thing that you are going to want to do is sign up for some type of cheap web hosting company that will allow you to create a lead capture page. You can do this many places on the net. GoDaddy is one cheap source that I currently use. I think it's about $4 a month.

Now that you have a place to generate your leads it is time to develop the page. First, start by creating a headline using basic html. If you don't know how to use html, visit htmlgoodies.com for a good tutorial. This headline needs to capture your audiences' attention and entice them to read more, and is one of the most crucial components to generating network marketing leads. For example, if you are marketing golf clubs you are going to want have something like, "Trouble With Your Slice? Learn the Simplest Technique That Will Straighten Your Swing and Add 50 Yards to Your Game."

Following the headline you are going to want to create some type of sub-headline. This is basically a repeat of what you are stating above only in different words. Now that you have the sub-headline in place you need to make some type of introduction explaining who you ara and how you identify with the pain they are having. You will then offer some type of free report to fix their pain.

The next step in creating your network marketing leads is to have bullet points that list the pain they are having and how you are going to fix it. Again, these are basically mini headlines. One of the best ways to learn how to do this is by looking at examples professionals have created. I suggest searching your market to see other examples of these lead capture pages. In our example I would search something like "golf slice" and see what ads come up. This will give you and idea of what your competition does.

Now that the text is done you are going to have to add a form to your webpage. I suggest either learning how to create an html form or using an autoresponder. If you use an autoresponder the company will generate the form for you and all you will have to do is add it. Place this form on your page and you are ready to start generating leads.

As you drive traffic to this page make sure that you keep track of how many people visit compared to the number of people that submit their information. A good goal would be a 15% conversion rate. Try changing up your headlines to see which ones work the best.

To start generating leads you are going to have to start driving traffic to this page. The more traffic the better. I suggest using pay per click methods, article marketing, forum marketing, blogging as well as the many other proven methods.

Creating thousands network marketing leads is only the beginning. For more information on how to get your business to a point where people are calling you, visit http://www.your-mlm-guide.com/lcp.html
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Andrew Leone is an active network-marketer training and developing the skills of entrepreneurs all over the net. Find out how to take charge of your own financial freedom.

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