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Why Old School Network Marketing Is Dead

Dec 3, 2007
If you are a struggling network marketer then you need to re-think your marketing and promotion strategies.

Let's see, your list has run dry and your racking your brain trying to come up with more names you can pitch your offer too. You've gone through literally hundreds of people you know; relatives, friends, occasional acquaintances and you've even contacted people you haven't seen for 20-30 years!

The result? Very little in the way of sign ups and worse still, you've alienated some of your family.

Okay, by now you probably don't like me but before you hit the back button, let me explain why using old school network marketing methods is only going to hurt your business growth. It's hit and miss. It's not targeted lead generation. You're hoping in most cases you don't get a mouth full of abuse in fact, the fear of rejection is pretty high.

So how can you turn things around? Easy. If you're not using the internet as a means of attracting targeted leads to your business then you're leaving lots of money on the table.

Many network marketers struggle to get to first base most times because they give up out of frustration. Not only that, they cannot afford to lose too much money. Just check the "MLM Death Notices." The attrition rate is over 90% in the first three months. Wow!

In her book "The Renegade Network Marketer" Ann Sieg made some interesting observations about old school network marketing. Basically, it's dead.

Creating cash flow on the front end in your network marketing business means you can concentrate on building it instead of watching your bank account when the next autoship payment is due. This is part of the new wave MLM lead generation. In fact, it's been described as "Internetwork Marketing."

The new wave of successful MLM'ers are using targeted lead generation methods which are attracting hordes of hungry prospects to them wanting to hear what they have to offer. How? By pre-selling them before they even get to hear about the opportunity.

What's pre-selling? It's a tactic employed successfully by some of the most successful online entrepreneurs of the last decade and it's only now that smart network marketers are realizing the power of this method in attracting targeted prospects to their business.

Imagine, no more worrying about whether you'll be accused of running a pyramid scam. Instead, people who are actually out there looking for an opportunity will be seeking you out...Hmmm, imagine.
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