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Ask and You Shall Receive: How to Use Your Market to Take Teleseminar Training to the Next Level

Dec 3, 2007
If you're tired of playing "pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey" with your marketing dollars and are looking for a system that eliminates guesswork, you need to embrace the "just ask" philosophy of Teleseminar marketing. And it only takes three steps.

Follow this time proven three-step "Socratic" method, and you will capture more profits, faster, better and with less human effort, even if you're on a bootstrapped marketing budget.

Step 1: Ask Your Market. Most marketers create their message and then find their market to "monetize" their message. I do the opposite. I first "ask" members of my market what they want, and then ask them to pay for it.

Why do I do this? Because I've learned --and this is a very important point--that the only way you, as a Teleseminar marketer, persuader, trainer, teacher, parent, boss, employee, in any role that you play during your day, can be perceived as an expert about something that your audience is unfamiliar with, is to be first perceived as an expert with something they are familiar with. And, by answering questions they already have, you are now perceived as an expert in their eyes.

So how do you find out what your market wants? A great way is through an online survey on your website. Let your market fill out the survey or post questions online.

Step 2: Promote To Your Market. I admit freely that I am not the "marketing genius." And neither are you. Your "market" collectively is the marketing genius. Once you adopt this mindset, you'll never engage in marketing guesswork again.

Once you know exactly what your market wants to know, you can tailor your product exactly to fit their needs. In fact, you can write your online sales letter, not as a "marketer" but ostensibly written by your "market," simply by writing out the survey results.

I happen to know dozens of world-class copywriters who wrack their brains for days trying to come up with a winning "appeal" or "hook" to reel-in more sales. I don't do that because it's too stressful for me. And frankly, I don't like to work that hard.

Instead, I "just ask" the people in my market what they want most and then I give it to them. Look, if you're a marketing professional, this Teleseminar strategy is like going to heaven without the inconvenience of dying because you're removing the blindfold and you're peeking into the future.

Step 3 Repurpose Your Content. Because Teleseminars produce audio content, it makes sense to "repurpose" that content and monetize it beyond the money you make from your live event. Put the recording on a CD and sell it. Transcribe the audio and sell the transcripts. Make mp3 downloads available online so your listeners can more "intimately" listen to you on their iPods or mp3 players.

This is what is called "repurposing" and for E-CEOs like me, it's the single most powerful moneymaking force in the information publishing world. Give your market the information they want and in give it to them in a variety of different formats.

So there you have it --three easy steps to capture more profits, faster, better and with less human effort, even if you're on a bootstrapped marketing budget. And all you had to do was ask.
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Online Marketing Expert Alex Mandossian helps authors, speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs and small business owners maximize their online profits with minimal time and effort. To learn more online book marketing strategies, log on to http://www.AlexMandossian.com
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