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Easy Step By Step Keyword Research

Dec 4, 2007
Keyword research is an absolute must if you plan on succeeding with affiliate marketing. It's a well known fact that long tail keywords are the only way you will be able to gain long term high converting search engine traffic.

If you are struggling coming up with the right keywords for your web business then you will certainly love this post. I'm going to outline a few of my favorite techniques for gathering great long tail keywords for any niche I pursue.

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with your niche. Gather commonly used terms or slang. Pick out 3 or 4 broad keywords to start out with. These should be 2 or 3 words at the most and should cover a wide range of topics regarding your niche.

Step 2

There are many tools out there that will help you generate keywords on the fly. I can only recommend one that will no doubt gather you the best long tail keywords available. Word Tracker is the only keyword research tool I use.

Visit http://wordtracker.com and join. After you've joined it's pretty self explanatory, enter in your broad keywords you picked on step one and pick out the best terms. The best terms are the ones with very little competition and a decent amount of traffic to go with it. These are called long tail keywords and are the meat and potatoes of internet marketing.

Finding a good long tail keyword is essential for your success with affiliate marketing.

Step 3

After you've found as many long tail keywords as possible, it's time to optimize your website for easy rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is a lot easier then you might think. I've written a few articles regarding SEO and I can tell you with complete confidence it is one of the easiest marketing tools I've ever learned. You can find excellent resources everywhere on the web that will explain it for you in simple easy to understand terms.

Once you've optimized your website it's time for you to build lots of links that point back to your site. Link Building is a very important process if you plan on utilizing the search engines for free targeted traffic. You can generate links a few different ways and I've written a free report that shows you some quick and painless back link generation methods.

You can download the free report from the link below.
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