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Priorities Offer Peace

Dec 4, 2007
Starting a new business is often anything but peaceful. You have so much to learn and experience. You are dealing with suppliers, maybe outsourcing service providers, managing employees, satisfying customers, and so much more. Any normal person would have good reason to plead insanity.

You have so many responsibilities; the day does not have enough hours to get everything accomplished. You will have to set priorities in order to realize any modicum of peace. If you fail to set daily goals, you better have a machine to make several clones of your person.

Daily goals, based upon priorities, are necessary for every small business owner, especially in the beginning. For example, if you are a service provider, you will have clients with specific deadlines. So, you will need to set priorities based on when each different project needs to be completed.

The best advice, make a list of everything you need to complete or accomplish by the end of the day, in order of importance. Then, start at the top of the list and work your way down. At the end of the day, whatever is left at the bottom of your list will have to be moved to the following day. You are only one person. You need to accept that you can only do so much.

You may have to admit that you cannot do it all alone. Do not despair! You can always outsource some of the timely little jobs that prevent you from properly handling the more important issues. In fact, if you cannot outsource within your community, the Internet has a plethora of freelancers willing to do your clerical work and any other odd jobs you need completed. Then, you can concentrate on the more pressing issues and get yourself organized.

Just as priorities offer peace, disorganization is the master of mayhem. Remember the stress of not knowing whether you are coming or going? To develop a successful small business, you need have a plan and do what is necessary, while remaining in control of your managerial skills, your customer service relations, and the other assorted different hats an entrepreneur is required to wear on any given day.

You can be at peace, if you learn to compartmentalize and set your priorities. If you are still stressed with more work than you can successfully complete in any given day, know when to delegate and outsource some of your duties, so you will have the opportunity to concentrate on the more important issues of being the leader with vision and unwavering goals. If you have a workable plan, it will be a lot easier to keep on the path to prosperity, and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor when the time comes.
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