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Becoming Self Employed, Are You Ready?

Dec 4, 2007
Perhaps you are considering launching your very own business or buying an established business, certainly this is a very exciting time for you; the road ahead is paved with both excitement and risk. Nothing in the world of business compares to becoming your own boss in your own company.

Perhaps you are attracted to the promise of financial independence of running your own business, or the bliss of not having to answer to someone else as a boss, the dream of not being a slave to someone else's rules and limitations is a potent one. If you are considering striving towards this dream at the moment I imagine that you are carefully examining all of your available options that would free you from the chains of your present place of employment.

The dream might be strong enough but you must take control and be realistic of your expectations. The potential financial gains may be attractive but one must consider the cost of time involved, financial expenses and genuine effort involved in becoming independent.

Despite the promise of financial rewards and limitless opportunity you but realistically be prepared to accept the truth, that is you are unlikely to see much, if any reward for some months, or even years.

Launching your own business, while holding down your present work is the wisest way to begin. But there are other options available, such as building an adequate financial savings account to carry you through the early steps in your own business. These savings must be strong enough not only to carry you personally though these days, but your business also.

You must also be aware that time is going to be required when launching your own business, and lots of it. It might sound silly having to mention a time factor where passions are involved, love is likely to drive you forward, but in the real word we do have other obligations apart from our future aspirations. Certainly in this world we have family and friends, and real commitments not at all related to our businesses. You must consider how much real time to have available to spend in launching your business.

Expendable effort is another consideration that must be taken into account before any business may be considered profitable. You really must consider how much effort you have available and the results you would expect to create from what you give. The truth is that you will be working for free some days, client hunting, marketing and yes, even free jobs, are all things that come with the territory if we like it or not. Many days will seem to be so much work and nothing to show for it.

This is when many people simply give up. This is where you will have to dig into your reserves and stay strong to the task. This is when you're working your hardest; it is a sad shame to think that you would give up now. Mentally it is a real challenge, but this is where the real entrepreneurs are separated from the wishers. Some will see these obstacles as something that will be overcome; others will not keep the faith. Some will succeed some will not.

Here, if you keep on keeping on you will begin to see the fruits of your labors real soon, and then you will know, without a doubt, that it was all worth the work.
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