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Is Right Now The Time To Sell on Ebay?

Dec 4, 2007
This holiday season will result in the largest ever online sales total in history. It is estimated that online sales will increase by 20 percent this year.

The online marketplace that will get the lion's share of that increase, being the largest marketplace in the world, is Ebay. That is why you need to be on Ebay right now.

December is the biggest shopping month of the year. This is the time there are more buyers on Ebay, with their wallets and credit cards out ready to buy, than any other time of the year. With 110 million registered Ebay users online at any given time and more being added every minute, you should take advantage of the largest marketplace in the world and get your share of those sales and profits.

You could start an Ebay business literally minutes from now. You can sell literally anything but the easiest way to make money on Ebay is by selling Ebooks. No inventory, no product storage no shipping cost and the ability to set it up to run on autopilot make Ebooks the perfect item for Ebay.

According to Terapeak research, in the last seven days 18,558 Ebooks were sold on Ebay. 47 percent of all the Ebooks listed sold. This is great news for anyone involved in the ebay ebook business.

That is more than two thousand Ebooks per day!

Also according to Terapeak research, in the last 30 days 88,443 Ebooks sold. Again, during that 30 day period, 47 percent of all Ebooks listed were sold. 1,867 of those books sold for $8.00 or more. 6,306 of those Ebooks sold for between $2.00 and $8.00.

Remember, Ebooks are a no cost item, so other than some small Ebay fees, almost all of those sales dollars end up in your pocket.

If you made $1.00 to $2.00 per Ebook, how many times would you want to do it? Of course, you want to repeat it as many times as you could. That's the beauty of selling Ebooks, you have an inexhaustible supply of products that you can keep selling again and again.

The best way to get up and running the fastest and to do it right without having to learn by trial and error is to find out how the best and most successful marketers run their Ebay businesses and then duplicate everything that they do. If you start with a successful system from the beginning you are in the best position to succeed immediately.
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