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Building a Good Website - Build for Your Visitor

Dec 4, 2007
I'm sure you know by now how important a website is for your business?

The website of your company is the virtual representation of your company. So, you need to take the designing part of your website seriously.

While designing your website, keep in mind that the customers who visit your site cannot see you. So, the task of convincing them becomes even more challenging.

A good website should attract the attention of the surfers, make them to stop for a while and make them visit more then just the homepage. If you consider this in the context of business, you can state that a good web design is the stepping stone for your online business. You can't imagine any company allowing their sales team to dress in shorts? This is because the customers will have a negative impression about your company. If your staff is well dressed then you are conveying a message to the customers that you do care for quality.

The same case can be applied to your web design. Your website creates the first impression and this matters a lot in potential business growth. A well laid out web design helps the surfers to see that your company is a thoroughly professional and that you care for attaining perfection.

But, I should clarify one thing; attractive web design does not mean that you have to stack your site with animations, 3D images, and other sophisticated features.

A visitor is attracted to a site when it opens as soon as they click on the link and if your website take more then 30 seconds to load because of a flash animation then you can expect a large majority of your visitors to just press the back button.

Your goal is to balance keep your site simple yet attractive. If having an image helps then great. If it helps to have a flash animated logo then fine as long as it doesn't negatively impact the page load speed.

Telling someone to build a good website is one thing and actually building one is another.

The first thing I would suggest is that you research your target audience properly.

Visit any of the local brick and mortar businesses and you'll realize that the stores are designed to make it easier for the shoppers and customers -- not for the owners. The same rule should apply to your website design.

Once you understand who you're targeting you can then create the website design targeted specifically for the visitor.

The background should not be dark and the font style should be simple. These will ensure that the surfers will have an easier time reading through the web pages.

Some sites also include an automatic introductory music in their site, I would vote against it because it isn't professional. Imagine your visitor is in an office environment and suddenly your music comes blaring over their speakers. Make it so that the visitor has the option click on the play button and then the music or message will play.

Keep in mind the visitors are coming to your site because they want information. Therefore, you have to take the initiative to help them find the information that they're looking for and help them feel like a winner. This feeling can be infused in them only through the right articles on your website. So choosing the right articles and content is an integral part of your web design.

These are just a few of the minute things that should be kept in mind while designing a website. I think, the motto for successful web designing should be "All that glitters is not gold". So, try to keep your website simple yet convincing. Most importantly, it should be stacked with valuable facts. So, go on designing a good web site and start building your online sales machine.
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