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Dec 4, 2007
There are six mistakes to avoid when presenting your network marketing business opportunity. Six problems that will turn off a potential audience, even if it is packed to ceiling with only highly qualified leads. Six errors in judgment that will cost you potential customers and candidates for your down line alike, any of these you may commit without even realizing it. Conversely, learning from your mistakes and avoiding them judiciously quite possibly will spell success for the next marketing presentation you hold.

1. At the top of the list of mistakes to avoid when presenting your network marketing business opportunity is the use of boastful statements. Even though in the past they were considered a useful tool to showcase how a person from humble circumstances was able to make a killer living simply by following the business model being touted to such an extent that she or he is now strutting about on a stage explaining how great they are. Forget this piece of advice. It does not work. Instead, the audience is markedly turned off by a lack of humility and by a consistent amount of boasting. While the audience may be too polite to leave and while they may even be mildly entertained by your antics, your boastfulness will not result in any sales.

2. Next is the overuse of the word I. Explaining a network marketing business opportunity from a personal point of view is great but making it into a presentation about you is counterproductive in that it will not help you to reach the audience members individually. Remember, you are trying to find out why emotional needs have to be met for them to consider buying into the program, thus a lecture about your emotional needs will not be productive.

3. The death knell of any presentation are tepid jokes, boring stories or worse yet, the kinds of jokes and stories that everyone knows are coming from an Internet joke site but instead are being presented as the speakers own creations.

4. Avoid at all costs racial, gender and religious stereotypes. Not only are these kinds of statements offensive but they also fail to treat members as individuals separate from a group and thus you will fail miserably in your attempt at generating interest in your network marketing business opportunity.

5. Never underestimate your audiences intelligence or talk down to them. If you explain marketing from the ground up or when selling a wellness product launch into an explanation why it is important to be healthy, you will lose the interest of those who are already informed about the concept of a network marketing business opportunity involving a wellness product which is pretty much everyone.

6. Refuse to regurgitate information. A standby of those who are afraid of public speaking, the simple recounting of the sales brochure to such an extent that the audience can read along is not only off putting but will not enable the listener to get to know you and build that trust relationship with you. The latter is vital when you are seeking qualified candidates for your down line!.
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