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Facts About Network Marketing

Dec 4, 2007
Network marketing, MLM network building and any other business concept that relies heavily on the power of a product and the skill of a distributor is usually advertised a business opportunity. Those researching such business opportunities will be bombarded by ads for e-books, how to articles and information materials sent to them by the purveyors of the business opportunities themselves.

Even as much of that information is valuable, useful and will help the individual to consider carefully if such an opportunity is for them, there are three absurd facts told about marketing, MLM network building and other businesses that require selling and recruiting as part of their business model makeup. Sadly, falling for these alleged facts leads to an astronomic failure rate for fledgling marketers who may have entered the venture with much enthusiasm and also a bit of money to make a go of it.

Absurd truth number one: You can get a great business started by involving friends and family. The myth that your friends and family members will beat a path to your door just because you are now selling nutritional supplements or a legal protection plan is ridiculous, while some may express interest and may even purchase a little something to encourage you, the notion that you will have ample fodder for a down line or customer base is vastly overstated by those trying to sell you the business.

Instead, your friends and family will most likely politely listen but just as politely tell you no. Multi level marketing is especially hard to sell to friends and family members who probably have already heard it from someone else and do not want to get involved with yet another one and if this is your second, fifth or tenth foray into the business with a different scheme or product, your chances of getting even one to sign up as a client or down line candidate is virtually nil.

Absurd fact number two: You can make money while you sleep. Unless you are at the top of a large down line consisting of high powered network marketers, the odds are good that you will not make money while you sleep. Instead, you will need to get out and commit several hours per day or week to work exclusively on your business marketing, MLM network, or other marketing effort.

Absurd fact number three: Network marketing, MLM network building, and product presentations are so easy that everyone can do them. This is absolutely false. While it is true that each and every person most likely has the ability to parrot back a memorized script, it is only a select group of individuals that have the temperamental knack for being a sales person.

You know the salesman or woman who tries too hard and is a pest yet you also know the guy or gal who can strike up a conversation with everyone, is jovial, believable, and will come across as having your best interest at heart while making the sale. The latter is the born sales person who will do great with this kind of business opportunity while the former is the one who will try earnestly, have some marginal success but in the end will not be able to replicate the success of the naturally talented sellers.
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