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Building Your Down Line

Dec 4, 2007
Down line MLM network marketing is the art of taking your business knowledge, combining it with your faith in the product you are selling, rolling it up and packaging it and then presenting it to a room full of strangers as the must have business opportunity they have searched for unsuccessfully until today. In other words, it turns a room full of unqualified leads into a room full of potential down line candidates for your multi level marketing (MLM) business.

There are seven tips for down line MLM network marketing that you will do well to remember the next time you are hosting a business opportunity presentation to attract potential candidates.

1. Do not be a stick in the mud. Train yourself in the art of small talk, the skill of the meet and greet occasion and how to introduce yourself to a complete stranger without talking about your accomplishments. The latter is probably the hardest aspect to accomplish. Yet so much is riding on your ability to come across in a personable manner.

2. Dress for success but do not overdress. It is tempting to show up at the business presentation in full regalia, such as suit and tie but keep in mind just exactly who your audience is. If you are presenting a business opportunity to a room full of college freshmen, the odds are against their wanting to turn into a room full of suit wearing business men in order to succeed. Slacks, a high quality dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and some well shined sleek footwear are the best way to dress for that room.

Conversely, if you are attending a Chamber of Commerce meeting, then a suit and tie may not be a bad idea. The weekend meet and greet at the street fair, on the other hand, will require just the right mix of successful yet not formal dressy but just relaxed enough to get the message across that this business opportunity is full of fun. Slacks and a golf shirt will do wonderfully.

3. Avoid the jargon. There is nothing more off putting than having someone jump into a presentation that is laden with industry specific terms. Unless you are pitching your business opportunity to a room full of seasoned network marketers, keep the lingo to a minimum.

4. Do not insult your audiences intelligence by reading verbatim from the brochure. Perhaps the most grievous sin committed during business presentations is the unimaginative mode of presentation. Think on your feet and adjust your presentation to fit the audience.

5. Never end your down line MLM network marketing presentation without asking the audience to make a commitment. Define for yourself ahead of time the scope of the commitment. Perhaps you will invite signups for a newsletter, hand out invites for another presentation or boldly ask for names and phone numbers of those ready to get serious about this business opportunity now.

6. Be open to criticism. There will always be a heckler in the audience and the better acquainted with your material you are, the easier it is to deal with the person.

7. Offer refreshments after the presentation. By offering the refreshments at the end, you will cause candidates to linger. This will give you an opportunity to schmooze with the ones who appear the most eager.
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