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Create Internet Home Business Site, Which Sells Like A Hurricane

Dec 4, 2007
Like in the creative planning of an ad, the internet home busines site must be based on the business idea and a business plan to be profitable. The preplanning of the home business is maybe even more important than the running of promotions, because the strategy gives an answer to the question how you will succeed in the competition.

When the success is the result of our choices, I repeat: choices, the strategy is absolutely the number one, because to be able to write it, you just have to select the major issues and to skip 99 % of your ideas. It is a serious thinking process.

When our thoughts will determine what we do, the starting point of the internet home business strategy starts with the question: what is my professional expertise and what kind of a nature am I? Nice, simple questions to answer.

This starting point will conduct us to the definition of the product or service, which we will offer. We in a way will collect the products or services around our own skills, they are just the real things to sell, but actually in the preselling phase we sell only our expertise and our own personality.

I underline this: we do not sell products, we sell ideas, or to make it better, we persuade the target audience to become interested about our topic using multistep process in order to convince him and to build trust.

Okay, when we then will build an internet home business site the creative strategy is important, because like the general strategy, it will conduct the planning process and will follow the strategy sharply.

As an ad, the internet home business site must fulfil the AIDA process: the site must arouse attention, then interest, then desire and finally to make the prospect to act. All phases are important and it is important to see that the effectiveness of the advertising is a multistep process. Stats say that at least five contacts is needed before the prospect starts seriously to think to buy.

A part of the creative planning is to plan the search engine optimization for all the pages. That means the use of the keywords in the copy with the target to climb high on the search engine result pages. The keyword selcetion is wise to make before you start to write the copy, because especially if you use the so called long tail keywords, they have a big influence on the content.

Still the main thing is that your internet home business site must be an effective ad. When a surfer lands to your home page, what happens? Does the page present a clear promise, what need or problem it will solve and thus will draw your interest?

This first impression effect is the most important thing, because your site has actually some seconds to make an impression. If it does not do that, the visitor is maybe gone for ever. Of course the good preselling material will help with this issue, like an article or an effective copy on the search engine result page, but still the look of the landing page is important.
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