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How To Choose A Good Business Coach

Dec 4, 2007
Picture this: your colleague at work suggests you hire a professional business coach. You log on to the Internet and find one that you can afford. He says he would love to help you and charges only $400 a month for two 45-minute phone calls. The offer seems like a good one, so you decide to try it out and sign on the dotted line. Could this be the biggest mistake of your life? Your coach says that personality wise you like to please everybody, so you need to take a break and pay attention yourself. He suggests yoga classes, nature travel, and long steam-bubble baths. This isn't even real business coaching! He's probably just a con artist making money off you!

It is time you get started with real business coaching. Unfortunately, most people don't even know what business coaching is because of bad experiences. So, choosing the right business coach is the key to experiencing a life altering, business coaching experience.

Over the past few years, business coaching has proved to be one of the most effective ways of cultivating certain personal and professional skill sets for individuals and teams. Business coaching involves a dialogue or a conversation held between the coach and the coachee. Coaching will help you to:

. Communicate effectively
. Categorize priorities
. Understand your strengths
. Identify weaknesses
. Make better presentations

So, whether it is life coaching, business coaching, or even executive coaching, choosing the best coach is very important. An ideal coach is someone who is qualified, experienced and has the appropriate skills to help you in your business.

Choosing the Right Business Coach

The coaching industry consists of all sorts of people- from consultants to therapists- these are people who have good intentions and are always willing to help. But, because there is no such regulatory board, the coaching client must always choose his or her coach carefully.

Always evaluate the credentials- A professional business coach must have some form of formal training. He must also have an in-depth knowledge of organizational dynamics. Ask your coach if he has been a part of any organization. Does he or she publish any articles or books?

How do they work with clients- Most coaches will direct you towards solutions without really involving you in it. This is not coaching. A good coach will make sure you are engaged in conversation and will give you a new outlook on a particular issue while allowing you to make the final decision.

Good ways to learn about your coach- make a background check. Ask him if he has previously worked with anyone going through the same problems that you are facing. Get referrals and look for testimonials.

Make sure you get along with your coach- Always trust your instincts when it comes to deciding whether or not your coach truly understands the person you are and your needs. A coach who is frank and direct and who 'kicks sense into your head' is always the best kind. A coach who talks and offers valuable advice is good. And most importantly, look for a coach who is a good listener.
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