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Coaching Salespeople- Tips For The Business Coach

Dec 4, 2007
The success and the profits of a business greatly depend on the efforts of the sales and marketing team. They are the ones who actually go out into the market and deal with customers and others associated with the business and as such are the face of the company. Sales people always have deadlines to meet and are often stressed out due to the ever-growing work pressure. However, all this pressure and stress can be reduced if salespeople are given proper training and equipped with the right tools so that they can convert every prospect into a customer for life!

Companies worldwide are recruiting efficient business coaches who can look into various aspects of the business and guide them through difficult stages. These days, a number of companies hire the services of a good business coach to train their sales personnel and prepare them to step into the market with zeal and confidence. Listed below are some of the things that you as a business coach can do to train salespeople.

Develop a plan

To start with, plan a one-day field coaching every month for the entire team for the next 12 months. Ideally, decide the dates in advance and inform everyone about them and ask for their feedback regarding the points they would like you to cover during each visit. Also find out if they are interested in receiving help in dealing with any particular types of customers. You may develop a checklist of all the topics you would like to cover in basic training by putting them under headings such as knowledge, attitude, and skills.

Having done all this, move on to develop a strategy for individual training. Ask the salespersons to rate themselves and how they would like you to help them. During your field visit, sit or stand at a distance from where you can evaluate the performance of each salesperson without distracting him/her and if you are forced to enter a conversation then pass the ball back to the salesperson as soon as you can.

Role plays and mock interviews

'Role plays' can also be used to train salespeople and you may give examples such as "If I said this how would you respond?" and then allow the conversation to take its own course. You may also have mock interviews to give an opportunity to salespeople to identify their strengths and weaknesses and thus indulge in critical analysis.

Evaluate performance

Successful coaching of salespeople is possible only when you spend maximum time with them both, on field and in classrooms to assess their individual strengths and weaknesses, and monitor their progress. Careful observation is the key to designing effective training programs that can hone their skills and boost their confidence. There would be times when some new point crops up and it may not be appropriate to address the same immediately. Make a note of all such points and ensure that they are addressed during training sessions inside the classroom later.

The kind of training strategies you use will greatly depend on the type of business. No matter what type of industry a particular company belongs to, your coaching plan must focus on developing interpersonal skills and communication skills of salespeople to give them an edge over others.
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