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Multiple Income Streams in Affiliate Marketing

Dec 4, 2007
Having multiple income streams in a business basically means that, the business is arranged in such a way that there is revenue generation from at least two sources. Revenue generated at different points flows into the business model thereby creating greater value. Usually this is possible after the mother business matures and provides the raw material to set up another revenue generation model.

However, it is possible to set up a business in a way that the model creates multiple streams of income straight away. Most businesses or business men set up multiple revenue streams as a way of ensuring their financial safety. Once the multiple revenue streams are stable they are a source of security and a good investment for the future.

Setting it up

It is not easy to set it up though. However, it is a weapon to defend oneself from the 'famine effect' of the industry. The famine effect is when there is only one income stream in the business. If for some reason, it fails to generate revenue then there is no output in the business. The money stream runs dry thereby creating a 'famine' like situation.

However, if there are multiple income streams, then even if one or two run dry, the other streams are operational. So, there would still be some revenue coming out of the business. The first thing to do in setting up multiple streams is to assess or evaluate one's resources. This starts by self assessment. One must write down one's strength, weaknesses, abilities and skills.

The business model has to be created such that it takes advantage of your inherent strengths and reduces the vulnerability due to your weaknesses. One can also count the other people involved in this business and evaluate their strength and weaknesses. The employees of the organization are the most important part of the business. If they perform well, the business is strengthened. Technology, machines, instruments used are all determinants in this process.

One can create multiple streams in affiliate marketing straight away by signing on with several merchants. Each merchant is a source of revenue. One can make money by promoting and reselling one's affiliate products and by recruiting new affiliates. One must keep adding the number of merchants whose products one is promoting on the site. However, there is no point in just adding number of merchants indiscriminately. One should have accurate knowledge about products before signing to sell them. A wrong choice of products is a killer of multiple income streams.

The business has to be made stable. When a business is stable for a while, both the industries as well as the customers respond positively. Business tends to grow and it is easier to set up multiple revenue systems. The important thing is to follow the age-old adage' Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
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