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Internet Home Business Goal Setting Tips

Dec 4, 2007
Having an Internet home business of your own is a fantastic thing when it is making money. The ability to stay at home and be you own boss brings with it some responsibility as well. To become an achievement oriented business you need to set meaningful goals and then work at achieving them. This is an article to help you do that.

I would like to help you set goals that can bring you to act in a quick manner. Setting a goal of being a millionaire is an admirable goal, but it is also a long term goal. By reading and believing what you read you may very well someday become one. But this is not an action goal.

An example of an action goal for an Internet home business would be create 3 blog articles this week. Another might be to spend 30 minutes everyday in an internet marketing discussion forum.

Your goals will change as your business changes. You might start out with a goal of having 200 visitors per day to your website. To do that you will write and submit 8 articles a month using a submission service such as Submit Your Article.

By having this kind of a goal you know that you must write 2 good quality articles per week. Over time this can bring you traffic to help you hit your goal of 200 visitors per day. Then you increase your goal to 400 visitors per day and repeat the process.

Immediate goals are things that you want to do now. These could be daily or weekly goals. Maybe your goal is to add one new website per week to your Internet home business. Now you know that to hit that goal you will need to research a topic, choose a theme, buy a domain name, arrange for hosting, choose 20 unique keywords and build 4 or 5 websites per month.

If you are part time this may not be a reasonable goal and you would need to change that to add one new website per month. The point is to set goals that are realistic based on the time and money available to you to hit them.

Here is an outline you can follow for goal setting for you Internet home business:

Long term goals - Where do you see yourself and your business 5 years from now.

Intermediate Goals - Where do you see your business 1 year from now.

Short term goals - What are your goals for the next year.

Weekly - What will you accomplish this week.

Daily goals - What are you going to do today.

Set your daily goals the night before so you know what you are going to do that day. Sunday night set some weekly goals for what you should be doing to work towards your short term goals.

Once a year do an inventory of where your business is and what you want to accomplish in the next year. At this time track how you are coming towards hitting your long term goals.

Another important thing is to set some goals outside of your business. This means goals in various areas of your life such as spiritual, family, exercise, recreation and so on. Your Internet home business will actually suffer if you spend so much time on it that you neglect other areas of your life.

Part of being a success is being a well rounded individual. Internet marketing gurus who tell you that you have to work harder may not be giving you the big picture. You certainly do have to work to have a successful internet business. But all work and no play does really make Jack a dull boy.

Meaningful goals are written down and read. Action goals are important to keep you working all of the time towards hitting all of your goals. Hopefully these Internet home business goal tips will help you to improve your business in the future.
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