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An Introduction to Recruitment Software

Dec 5, 2007
hp job board software is a web server script that attempts to automate the working relationships between independent online employers (clients) and independent online employees (freelancers). Sometimes simply called a "script," php job site software doesn't run on an individual computer the way that typical software does. Its name is a bit misleading, but php job site software really runs on a web server rather than a desktop computer. A web server is the most appropriate environment for php job board software because it can handle millions of data requests whereas a desktop computer couldn't possibly accommodate or fulfill this volume of queries. Nor could a desktop computer accommodate the potential growth that's expected to occur with php job board software.

In its beginning stage of development or usage, a competent php job site software script should be able to handle hundreds of online client-to-freelancer relationships. But as its popularity increases and as more people sign up to use it, a single php job board software may be in the position of accommodating the needs of hundreds of thousands of users at once. And this does not include the massive amount of data that's transferred between clients, freelancers, or the php job site software script's administrator. At any given moment, a php script could be responsible for receiving, storing, and transmitting gigabytes of binary files, text documents, videos, sound programs and more. It is for that reason, a php script must account for growth and it must be configured in such a way that growth does not disrupt the flow of user activity.

You can expect growth to occur in the following areas of a php job board software script:

1. The number of user accounts. Over time, the number of people who use your php job site software script will increase as more clients, freelancers, and employers (should you decided to hire additional help) learn about its success.

2. The size and number of data transfers. At first, this value will be minimal, however as you attract new users, your php job board software script will have to successfully and accurately send files back and forth among users.

3. Server space. A competent php job board software script should vigorously keep logs as if it were writing its own history book. To accommodate such a wondrous piece of literature, it's going to need ample space to log all interactions to a reliable record source. A MySQL database may be sufficient, however you may find yourself dispersing such a task among multiple servers and numerous back-up devices as time rolls on.

4. Conflicts. Running a php job board software script isn't always about maintaining computers. Sometimes it's about maintaining relationships and the larger your user base, the more conflicts are bound to occur. Conflicts can occur as a result of misinterpretations, financial discrepancies, job delays, and all sorts of other employment-related issues. To keep things running as professionally as possible, you are well advised to set up a customer relations department within your php job site software script and operate that particular section manually - with care.

5. Competition. As your php job board software script gains recognition and even gets a little attention from the media, it's bound to attract a quite few copy-cats who want to replicate and claim your success as their own. This certainly isn't a new tactic in the hard cold world of business, however you should anticipate such behavior and have defensive strategies outlined in your marketing plan that are designed to counteract its impact on your venture.

6. Hacks, Viruses, and Denial of Service Attacks. Not all of your users are going to be as caring with your php job site software script as you will be, and some of them might indulge in behavior that could make your php job board software script inoperable for hours, days, or even weeks at a time. Whether this behavior is intentional or not isn't the issue. How you protect your php job board software script from this kind of behavior is this issue, so be sure that you have the proper tools that will prevent you from becoming the victim of such attacks.

Another area of growth you'll want to prepare for is your responsibility as the administrator of a php job board software script. Although the best of these scripts have automated a significant part of their maintenance, your own participation in a growing and thriving venture is inescapable - a characteristic of administration that you should be honored to fulfill.
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