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Online Classified Ads with Posting Tips and FAQ

Dec 5, 2007
Online classified ads are the modern equivalent of print newspaper ads, and are used in the same capacity, for everything from selling a litter of puppies to advertising a job opening. Of course, the success of an ad is dependent solely on the skills of the person writing it, and with that in mind, this article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions, or FAQ about writing and posting classified ads that sell.

Why is no one viewing my ad?

Answer: There are many reasons for this. First, you may have placed your ad in the wrong category, an easy mistake to make, considering that categories are often similarly labeled. If this is not the case, consider revising the title of your ad. Instead of dog for sale, for example, add something interesting to the title, like Well-trained, family dog for sale.

Many people are viewing my ad, but no one has contacted me. Why?

Answer: Assuming that you have included the relevant and necessary contact information within your ad, the problem may be the wording within the body of the ad. The title may attract attention, but the content of the ad is crucial for an actual sale. Be sure to focus on the positive details of the product that you are selling, even if it is a used item with a few cosmetic flaws. Gently used, or even ready for renovation, are good descriptions to include.

I am still not sure how to write a great title, where should I begin?

Answer: Good titles need both an action and a statement. An action is a description of the ad itself, telling the reader what the ad contains. For Sale is the most common type of action. The statement is an additional description of the product, for example, elegant antique, cherry wood dining table. So, For Sale Elegant, Cherry Wood Dining Table, becomes the title that attracts the readers attention, and holds their interest throughout the reading of the rest of the ad.

When writing an ad, remember to always include proper contact information, full pricing, including shipping costs, and a photo whenever possible. Avoid irrelevant statements in your ad copy, like this table has been the centerpiece of all of our family gatherings, and we hate to sell it but we have to because my grandmother is moving in with us and she never liked this table. This is an extreme example, but the point is clear, buyers are not interested in how much you like the item or why you have to sell it, only whether or not they themselves may want to purchase it.
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