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How To Promoting With Articles

Dec 5, 2007
Articles are some of the easiest ways to market and certainly some of the most cost effective. They can be used for several promotions and will draw many highly targeted visitors to your website. These visitors will be warm and ready to buy potential customers. Because they are highly targeted, they will have high sales conversion ratios.

5 strategies to promote your business with articles:

1. Write or have written 25 quality articles about your business. These articles can be about different aspects of your industry. There should also be some that are reviews of your products. Articles about different aspects of your business will attract different types of people within your special market. Visitors love reviews and will be curious to check out your product. Some of these articles can be used for web content- some for your newsletter and others for your article distribution.

2. Article distribution: This is a powerful way to promote your business. Remember to have a few different bios ready so that you can attract different segments of your niche market. Use a good service or software to distribute your articles. You should include as many article directories as you can. Article distribution will give you a lot of quality-targeted traffic that will have high sales conversion rates. You will also gather many back links.

3. Web content-pre sell: Use different varieties of articles for web content. This will act as a pre-selling tool for visitors. They will read your interesting article, which references your product or service; this will make them curious about what you are selling and they will click through to your sales page.

4. Newsletters: You can use some of your articles for your free newsletter. A free newsletter will build your business list of leads and customers. Well written informative articles will allow you to build up a good relationship with your subscribers. They will come to know you as an expert in your field. Over time you will find that these subscribers will become your lifetime loyal customers.

5. E-books, e-courses,and reports: These can be given away free at your website or through your newsletter. You can also use them as bonuses for subscribing to your newsletter list. These gifts can be used for viral marketing. The trick is to write on popular topics that your niche market will be very keen to know about. This will encourage them to download the e-book, reports, etc. Grant giveaway rights for your e-books, etc. and you will circulate them throughout the internet.

The most important thing about articles is to make sure that they are on topics that will interest your targeted market. Be careful to write quality articles with good grammar and no spelling mistakes. Your style should be simple to read and concise. It is important to remember that your visitors and subscribers are busy people and do not have time to read rambling articles. A personal touch is also good as readers will empathize with you when you do this. This will make them more inclined to buy.
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