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Be Cautious When Selecting Online Pharmacies

Dec 5, 2007
Consumers who choose to purchase through online pharmacies cite privacy, cost, and convenience as the reason for doing so. Many times the cost of the prescriptions are significantly less than purchasing through a local drug store. Many online pharmacies can offer the consumer as much as a 50% savings. The online purchase can be made discreetly from home, with the prescription being delivered right to the door.

When researching online pharmacies, you will notice there are those who offer distribution only. There are others which offer prescription services as well as distribution. The difference is significant. With an online dispensary, you would have to fax or mail your doctor's prescription to the pharmacy. The physician may be able to call or e-mail the prescription, as well. These types of online pharmacies must be licensed in which ever state they sell, and in the state they are located in.

The online pharmacies which offer the prescription services as well as delivery usually have little to no contact with the consumer. You are taking your chances when dealing with this type of company. The physician may be licensed to write the prescription, but there may be no customer service to seek help from. The medication which is prescribed may or may not be what you need. The physician does not know your medical history and could prescribe something which could cause an allergic reaction or other adverse reaction.

Many online pharmacies are extensions of the brick and mortar establishments like Walgreens or CVS. This service is offered as a convenience to the customers for online ordering and store pick-up or home delivery. This is the safest form of online prescription ordering. The computers are linked to cross reference medications which may counter affect each other. The medical history of the customer is also listed so there is no chance of allergic or other adverse reactions. There is always a customer service number to reach the pharmacist if the customer has any questions. It is also very legal to order from these online pharmacies.

There are certain online pharmacies which operate illegally. They will sell to whoever registers. The customer may or may not need a prescription. If a prescription is needed, there may even be a pharmacist who writes the prescription without seeing the patient. These online pharmacies are not approved nor licensed with the Food and Drug Administration. The regulations set forth by the United States do not allow overseas pharmacies to sell to U.S. customers. Many times these regulations are ignored. This can potentially cause harm to an unsuspecting customer.

The customer who orders from online pharmacies which is located overseas takes the risk of obtaining contaminated or harmful medications. There are no regulations set forth to monitor these drugs for safety. In other words, when you by from overseas online pharmacies, you have no idea where the medicines are made or how long ago they were manufactured. The health risks are enormous.

Online pharmacies which carry the VIPPs seal are certified by the FDA and licensed to sell. The pharmaceuticals are safe for human consumption. These online pharmacies are regulated by a set of strict guidelines to protect the consumer. It is always best, and in this case safer, to stick with what you know.
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