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The Greatest Viral Marketing Strategy Ever Used

Aug 17, 2007
I have to admit it...

Article writing is hands down the most powerful weapon in the marketing arsenal to date!

I have always been asking to myself why very few marketers are taking advantage of it. It's so easy and so rewarding.

Just watch the article directories and announcement lists; you'll know what I'm talking about...

You'll see the same names over and over again.

These people are so consistent in their work. They keep submitting articles month after month and they are establishing themselves as leading experts in their fields.

They are building their credibility each day... and their businesses?

Well... they are simply thriving...

While most new Internet marketers will come and leave like a blink of an eye, these "article" guys have staying power.

Their articles will be around years after they are gone - a legacy that will outlast forever.

Isn't this amazing?

(1) It's free.

While other marketers are losing money on pay per clicks, article marketers promote their businesses for free. No hidden cost what so ever.

Their article will be reprinted on hundreds of websites, all bringing warm leads and pre-sold customers to their businesses.

(2) It's easy.

They don't need to hold a PhD in order to be an article writer. It's as simple as writing a 300 to 500 words article a week and they are done for the week.

(3) It appreciates.

"Hey! I read your article... It rocks!"

"Great article... I have bookmark your site for other posts..."

"Fantastic... I like what you write..."

Only Article Marketers receive these types of messages in their inbox.

They are respected among others. They get their inspiration from the appreciation of other people.

(4) It sets them apart.

What's the difference between an article marketer and other marketers?


Article marketers are smarter. They are a step above the average Joe's in the business arena.

They are problem solvers.

They write for reputation and trust. They write for profits.

(5) It's the center.

Articles are the central part of an ezine.

They stand alone with no disturbing ads.

They got all the reader's attention and their words will gently direct them toward a link to their website.

(6) It links to others.

Articles are the ultimate linking strategy. Article Marketers don't need to beg for incoming links from webmasters.

There job is to provide free contents, quality contents that Webmasters will fight for.

(7) It's viral.

While an ad will last only for a few days, articles will last for years.

Great articles will be reprinted over and over again, reaching thousands of new potential customers.

It's like planting a seed that will take root and then develop a life on it's own.

Article writing is the only complete weapon that a marketer should be equipped with.

"It's NOT another wave. It's a PERMANENT wave destroyer!"

Copyright 2006. Jonathan Teng
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