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Making The Most Of HR KPI

Dec 5, 2007
Any company in just about any type of industry aims to have its workforce made up of employees who are very productive. In ensuring this high level of productivity from each employee in a company's workforce, the concept of HR KPI becomes a definite essential in the equation.

HR KPI actually stands for human resource key performance indicators. Human resource pertains to the very people employed by the company itself. Key performance indicators, on the other hand, are the indicators needed in quantifying the performance and productivity of all members of the workforce. By using these HR key performance indicators, a number of aspects would actually be measured. These would include quality of work, teamwork, productivity, cooperation, and innate and developed skills at problem solving.

Using the key performance indicators at their fullest would actually motivate the employees to seek out methods on improving their own selves. This is especially true if the employees themselves are made aware of the existence of the indicators. If the employees are out to improve their own selves in terms of performance, then a significant increase in the overall productivity of the company is not a long way off at all.

The key performance indicators do more than just motivate employees into developing initiative skills. In fact, the HR department actually uses these indicators to determine which areas employees are very good at. Of course, the opposite can also be determined because the indicators are also used to point out the areas on which employees would need improving on. And this can be done individually as well! This means the employees are singled out when the HR key performance indicators are being used in weeding out his or her strengths and weaknesses.

HR KPI is also used in further understanding the disposition of employees in the workplace. Stress is inevitable in any office setting, and this can come from a wide array of sources. Stress can come with the physical rigors of the job itself. Or, it can be caused by conflicts and arguments coworkers would have amongst themselves. Stress can even come from a source outside the workplace, but it just so happens that the performance of the employee at work has been significantly influenced.

And in a negative way at that! With HR KPI, the things or events that can cause stress are then weeded out. Although there will definitely be a few stress-causing factors remaining, still, much improvement will have been established with the proper use and interpretation of HR key performance indicators. Plus, because these stressful factors and events are now determined, the employees would then avoid them altogether now!

HR KPI can also be used in developing employee reports, as individuals. The individual report would be used in determining the areas that the worker would need improvement. The individual reports would also contain snippets about the employee's attitude as well as his background. HR KPI can also be used in developing management reports. These reports would contain ideas on how to motivate and inspire their employees. This way, the management reports would then be used in coming up with something inspirational.
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