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Use PPC - Generate Tons Of Sales

Dec 5, 2007
Today I will be talking about how to use pay per click to convert sales in mlm for your home based business. Now, in this industry I found so many times heavy hitters and different things of that sort which do not teach you exactly what they are doing to convert sales. And again I am talking about how to use pay per click to generate tons of sales in mlm on the internet. I think that that is wrong because there are people that make all these sales and build a down line, whether it is in mlm or if it is in any other opportunity they make a ton of money but never show you exactly what they are doing. As a matter of fact, if they do, most of them show you exactly the opposite of what they are doing, or something that drawers mediocre results because they fear competition or they are just selfish and want everything for themselves.

I do not know why people are like that, but our company is not like that, we have always taught the people in our organization everything that we do, it only makes sense. If you are in this industry, and let us just use mlm as an example, let us say that you have an organization and we are building a down line, why would I not want to teach my down line exactly what I do so I can kind of replicate my results. Of course, not everybody can duplicate anyone, I cannot be you and you cannot be me, we are all different. But if I show you exactly what I do maybe I can replicate some of the results that I get. It does not have to be exactly the high numbers or whatever it is, it could be medium numbers, lower numbers, or a few sales a week or a few sales a day, or ten sales a day, you never know. But either way, you win.

But when you do not do this it causes frustration in your down line, because people are wondering how you get these great results, astronomical results, and I am not. You are telling me to do this and I tried everything you told me to do and there were hardly any results. I have even seen this in other programs. And also in this program where people have their own systems and show different techniques and have people do it. And we have had people come to us and say hey, I have tried this, and this, and this, exactly what they did and they did not receive any results. And we have looked at some things in this industry from people coming to us and telling us this, and we know for a fact that the person that is teaching them these things on what to do, that person is not doing what they are teaching the other person to do. They are doing something else, but yet showing them how to do this.

As a matter of fact, one of the methods in one instance, the person did not get enough traffic in this one method, yet was trying to teach someone else how to do it and they got mediocre results themselves. So, it creates a feeling here in your team, in your down line, it is not teaching the truth. People wonder how are you getting these results and I am not. Well, as you will find out, we do not hide anything, we will tell you exactly what is working and how, we tell the truth.

Now, pay per click is really simple, it is not hard at all. I know that you have heard horror stories of people like losing their shirt in pay per click because I guess they did not know what they were doing, obviously they did not know what they were doing if they lost their shirt. You can lose your shirt just like you can lose in anything else, any other method you going to use to market. If you go to do newspapers ad, or emails or email other peoples' lists, if you do not know what you are doing, then you will probably lose your shirt also and then ultimately quit. I am not sure which will happen, but either way, I would not want to be in those shoes. Back to pay per click, it is really simple, as a matter of fact it is so simple you only have to create a little four line ad. And the fourth line is just for your url of your website.
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