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The New Face Of Internet Advertising

Dec 5, 2007
All work at home and make money programs rely heavily on Internet advertising. Whether the company needs the advertising to increase hits, or it uses advertising as a source of income, the major search engines are making changes that will impact how advertising appears on websites.

Video Units

Google's new venture for people looking for revenue is the video unit.

"We're excited about the launch of video units -- a new way to enrich your site with quality, relevant video content in an embedded, customizable player. Simply embed a snippet of code and have relevant YouTube partner content streamed to your site. You can choose categories of video to target to your site, select content from individual YouTube partners, or have video automatically targeted to your site content. Companion and text overlay ads are relevant and non-intrusive. To further blend the YouTube player into your site, you can also customize the color scheme and layout as well as choose from three different player sizes."

However, at the time this article was written, the video units were not online.

Behavioral Marketing

Social networking has turned the focus from target marketing to behavioral marketing. This means, focusing on a set of clients based on how they act, instead of their interests. This is turning the focus from 'what' is in the ad - the words and images - to 'where' the ad appears, and how it is presented to the business owner.

Blog Ads

Text ads are quickly giving way to blog ads. These have long term exposure as most bloggers leave the ads on the site permanently. The ad not only attracts new viewers to the website, it also receives the endorsement of the blog owner, and it increases the number of inbound links.

This is the newest form of sponsorship ads.

Animated Ads

The ad uses the user can delete the ad, but they are not 'intrusive' like spam emails. These are a new twist on the banner ad. These have evolved to become a part of the webpage, no longer appearing at the top of the page, but being used as page dividers, and to decorate side bars.

These pop-up ads appear in full or part screen without user activation. They are short, animated messages that may interrupt the user's task or, preferably, fill time between screen changes.

Double Click Ads

Search engines are starting to add spyware on the user's PCs. This information is being used to determine which ads appear on a web page. Two people can view the same page, and see different ads. This is proving difficult for Content Management Systems, and blog owners who are trying to earn money from the web. They are unable to control the ads that appear on their web, or use the ads to grade their site's performance.

"In the old world of advertising," says John Deighton, who completed a case study on DoubleClick, "somebody created an audience, and then you took advantage of it--you got everyone in a room, and then you ran an ad." Today, technologies promised ad firms, "you can go to your customers rather than have them come to you."

DoubleClick's Salzman explains: "If you and I went to the same page of the same Web site at the exact same moment, we would likely see different ads, yours relevant to your areas of interest and mine targeted to my areas of interest." This helps advertisers target users.


Directories are free, and powerful. They are designed around the community platform, and are used to bring the directories members together. These are listings of categories, products, or services. Enhanced links can be purchased, increasing the focus on the ad.

Affiliate Programs

Haven't been to commissionjunction.com lately? Affiliate programs for advertisers and publishers have 'come of age' as reporting, selecting sites, and partnering ads and publisher's together have gone high tec. The ads are no longer the cheap, made on MS Paint. Today's affiliate ads are designed to look like a part of the host website, allowing all parties in the advertising network to seamlessly create an advertising system that will profit everyone.
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