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Starting A Business As A Consultant

Dec 5, 2007
Starting any business can be tough, but a consulting business can be rewarding for an entrepreneur that possesses expertise in a specific niche or area. Before starting any business it is important to understand that a considerable level of effort will be required especially in the start-up stage.

What is a consultant?

A consultant is someone that provides counsel, advice and assistance to other business owners. He or she must be an expert in their field and posses knowledge that others are willing to pay for. There is almost no field of business that does not require some sort of consultancy ranging from marketing, branding, team building and coaching. A consultant must always keep learning so that their expertise stays fresh and consistent with new knowledge.


The best way to raise finance to get you through the first year is by speaking to your local bank. Other alternatives include mortgaging your property, raising money via your credit cards or approaching friends and relatives.

Selecting a Market and Location

The expertise that you possess might not be in demand in your home town. A potential consultant should carry out market research to determine where s/he is most likely to succeed. Get advice from your local chamber of commerce and speak to other business owners before you decide on the ideal location.

Location is all important in a consultancy business and you must be prepared to move if you can spot high levels of demand in another city.

Raising Awareness

Marketing is key to your success. Unlike a retail operation you have to find your clients and raise awareness of your expertise. In the initial stages cold calling will be required but if you identify your prospective clients and target carefully you can reduce the burden of selling.

Join specific forums that deal with your type of business expertise. Develop a website, create a video and regularly keep in touch with existing clients through newsletters, brochures and flyers. A consultant has to be a great networker as long term most of their business comes from word of mouth.

Doing the Business

A consultant often has many clients at one time. Keeping them all happy does take some juggling with your time. Depending on your type of expertise there could also be high seasonal demands. Make sure you get references from happy clients - reputation is everything in this business.

Cash Flow

The problem with running a consultants business is that there is no regular income especially at the start. There will be periods of drought when there is very little work and other times when you are stowed under. Make sure you keep money aside to cover these periods. Even the best consultants experience times when there is very little demand for their expertise.


Making a living as a consultant is tough especially at the beginning whilst you establish your credentials. Being a successful consultant requires good management skills, respect for your client's confidentiality and the ability to network.

Your technical skills might be the reason why you started as a consultant but they will not be the reason why you succeed or fail! In the long term your skills in building great customer relations will be what drives your business forward.
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