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The Perils Of Unemployment

Dec 5, 2007
Chatting to a friend a few weeks ago over lunch the subject of his ongoing unemployment came up, after the usual ribbing we became a little more serious and it was clear there is a problem with finding jobs in Essex. Seemingly Essex jobs are plentiful, but finding them is not always easy. There are a few good websites out there but too many are national sites just presenting their regional jobs. Dedicated jobs in Essex websites are usually a goldmine when you can find them, for it is surprising how many employers are out there when you take a closer look.

Both my friend and I agreed that websites presenting purely Essex jobs were the way to go as we had both spent a considerable amount of time looking in our chosen career sectors for employment. Finding work that would not require three hours of travel on public transport to get there was the key though.

For much of our life my friend and I had lived in a rural village in one of the pretty parts of Essex. Jobs however were not plentiful, and even the beautiful scenery did not make up for this lack of work. Both of us could drive but affording a car was a different matter and left us reliant upon public transport. The public transport in our part of the world was woefully inadequate to the needs of anyone wanting to get anywhere fast, making commuting a nightmare.

Because of this we had spent many years working in our local pub, however easy and enjoyable this work was we both found ourselves thinking that there must be more jobs in Essex than this. If we could get out of this little village maybe we could find something of more substance, something to sink our teeth into.

So there began our search for Essex jobs, we started looking in the local newspapers but seemingly half a page of job vacancies was deemed sufficient space, sadly it was not. The next step would then be the internet, as with much of the modern world it is the gateway to information on almost any subject. This is where we both discovered that dedicated jobs in Essex websites were far more useful than their national counterparts. The fact that you don't have to trawl through pages of jobs from up north, the west country and the midlands makes searching much easier, on national jobs sites even when you search purely for jobs in Essex, jobs from all around the country seem to be presented to you.

Luckily I managed to find a job relatively quickly, mainly due to the fact I had moved out of the sticks, my friend however had not yet made the move and was still constantly frustrated by his unemployment. I told him that if he really wanted to find jobs in Essex he would have to leave the safety blanket of the home village and take the plunge somewhere bigger, I even offered my settee for the cause.

As I had proven it was not hard to make that step, you just had to go for it. There were plenty of jobs in Essex there for the taking, it was just about being proactive enough to get out there and find them.

After I had paid the bill for the both of us we agreed that my friend could not go on the way he was. He was kicking up a fuss about me paying for lunch, but I told him that he could shout me when he had found work; I also insisted that he stayed at mine for the immediate future as he had to get out of the sticks, for his own good. Having made the transition myself I could not bear to see my friend stuck there, I would help him out until we were both in good jobs and he could afford to get me that lunch back.
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Shaun Parker has been involved in recruitment for a number of years specialising in finding jobs in Essex for candidates. To find out more please visit http://www.prime-appointments.co.uk
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