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Finding Commercial Glass Repair in Houston That is More Than Adequate

Dec 5, 2007
What ever happened to customer service? When did commercial glass repair become about a quick window replacement on my credit card? Whether I am only bringing in one vehicle or need all twelve taken care of, shouldn't I be treated with some sort of common respect? After all, commercial glass repair is big business, and my vehicles are big business to me. It would just make sense. The way I see it, if I bring my vehicles to a repair facility in Houston, or they come out to me, and we do a window replacement on just one vehicle. If I am treated well, chances are that I will call them again when I need another one. For whatever reason, today's businesses are a little lacking in their customer service department.

Back in the day, whenever that was, window replacement and other auto glass services entailed more than just a quick job and an invoice. I can remember when customer service meant that someone actually took the time to make sure you were satisfied and that the job was done adequately for you. You were also treated well just for being there. I had one auto glass services company do a window replacement on just one van. I was treated like an inconvenience until he realized that I had eleven more sitting out behind the building. All of a sudden I was treated like a big customer worthy of a handshake. Like that wasn't obvious? Come on.

Fortunately, there are more and more auto glass services that not only specialize in commercial glass repair jobs but also specialize in customer service. While they are still far from the norm, they are out there and I have been able to stumble across one. What a difference it makes when someone treats you with respect just because you called them for their services, not because they know how many vehicles you have and that you might mean future business. The overall decline in customer service throughout every aspect of business in this country has become so prevalent that when you receive a little customer care, whether it is for commercial glass or ice cream cones, it is so refreshing that you feel as though you want to tell everyone about it.

Dealing with business after business that simply doesn't value your money, your choice, or your wallet gets old rather quickly. Thus, an auto glass service that treats me with respect from the instant I call until the handshake at the end definitely gets my repeat business without hesitation. The good work they do becomes even more noticeable on the end of that final handshake.

Window replacement in Houston is finally stepping it up a notch, and people notice the difference. Companies that use "point people" to address my needs or concerns and even follow up with a phone call to make sure that things went smoothly are definitely not only stepping up their customer services, but redefining it as well. Window replacement is simply not a daily need like fueling up or feeding the crew. Thus, mediocre companies are likely to slip out of my head before I need the service again. However, when a replacement job really impresses me, you better believe that I am going to remember how I was treated, even if it's another two years before I need another repair job.

It may not seem like much, but where I spend my money, and my company's money, is very important to me. I don't get a good feeling when I know that my business is helping to keep the below par standards that some companies struggle to maintain afloat. I would rather spend my money somewhere that gives me a good feeling. Treating my window replacement as the most important thing, even if I ever need another commercial glass repair job done or not.

It's just the way of the world, I suppose, all of this lack of customer service and the blatant rude behavior of some people. However, when it comes to my money, my window replacement, and my commercial glass needs, I want the same type of treatment as if I stepped onto a lot ready to shell out cash for the most expensive car they manufactured. Who am I kidding? I want that type of respect when I order an ice cream cone. For today though, I will be happy with the type of customer service that I finally received for my commercial glass job.
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David Warren is owner of Apple Glass Company, a glass repair and replacement firm that serves the Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas markets. Contact David Warren at 281-440-1292 or visit http://www.appleglasscompany.com to schedule a service appointment.
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