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How To Make It To The Top With The Right Business Card Holders

Dec 5, 2007
How's life been going? Have you made it to the top? Or are you one of those pathetic heads turning to gape at the executive in designer pinstripes as he stops to take out one of those sophisticated business card holders you've been seeing around?

Life's What You Make It

If you've managed to become that executive, then I give you my biggest congratulations. If you are one of those gaping heads, don't feel stymied just yet. After all, you can actually have one of those grand business card holders. They're not all that inaccessible. And it's true what they say: life's what you make it. It's a cliche?, but it does speak the truth.

You may not be aware of it but most great people worked hard to be where they're at. They're not just another bunch of lucky animals. They're actually those animals who fix their attention on a prey and work through their hunt with unperturbed determination.

The Important Decision

Do you have this fierce determination? Or do you have the goal to be successful in the first place? If you don't already have that, then it's high time you sort out your priorities. Once you've made this important decision, everything should follow. But yet again, things are not as automatic as you would want them to be. They're not as easy either.

The Real Meaning of Luck

And oh, one other important thing -- you should be ready to seize every possible opportunity that comes your way. You know what the real meaning of luck is? It's about having the ability to recognize an opportunity and actually grabbing it. This is one important characteristic of those people you like to call lucky animals. They are those animals who are first to smell the presence of a prey and who are also first to embark on an active hunt.

Reinvent Yourself

So you've decided to make that important goal and you've made up your mind to actually act on your goal. Now what's next? Shopping for the next business card holders? That's one thing, but there's more. Those animals that actually make the successful hunt are not only quick to smell the prey; they are also actually quick at catching them. This means that they hold the skills, that they have the stamina.

Now what you have to work on is making yourself ready for the hunt. If you think you don't have what it takes then do something about it. It's time that you reinvent yourself. Again, you must be ready to take the extra hard work. Yet again, you need fierce determination. It starts with the acceptance that things don't come for free, that you need to give off conscious efforts.

Take the Extra Effort

Remember that imposing guy you just brushed shoulders with at the after party? Remember how he exuded such masculinity with his slim figure and toned muscles? You can bet that he takes the time to walk that extra mile and to work on that exacting exercise routine. But your goal is not mere masculine muscles. Your goal is that coveted corporate success.

Look and Feel Impressive

So how do you actually reinvent yourself? You will have to recall the executive in pinstripes. Remember how impressed you were? Remember the awe he managed to exude from people? That executive is the type of person who takes the extra effort to make an effective package out of himself, who takes the extra length to look and feel impressive and to shop for business card holders that make a statement.

It's not too late for you to become that person and to get those business card holders. Work on yourself. Start looking and feeling like an important person and you are most likely to exude the same feeling from other people. You get to inspire the same respect and awe. So go ahead and work out your own personal corporate style. Pay attention to details. They do matter. This being said, you must start shopping for the best business card holders you can find!
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