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Guide to Human Resource Policy

Dec 5, 2007
In a continuously developing country, Achieving great competence and globalization wouldn?t be triumphant without having manpower. Human beings, in a world of manufacturing, are coined as commodity resources. It is not just right to treat them as a commodity; rather they should be termed as social beings wherein their contributions through labor are one main factor in achieving world competitiveness. Their contributions are major requirement on promoting growth for civilization.

It is just right to provide these human resources protection and opportunities for self improvement and career growth. Human Resource Department is liable in giving their employees the information of their benefits and rights as an employee. Below are just a few of the policies an HR department orient their newly employed applicant.

Equal opportunity

HR?s ultimate principle is to give each individual, men or women, equal opportunity and treatment. From the past few years till present, Employment patterns have varied giving women a representation in the company's staff.

Through the coming years, women continue to improve its situation on being equally represented on all levels of the society and have the chance to participate o all delegations.

Training and Development

In recruiting staffs, an applicant must be of high qualifications meaning he or she must have acquired a high level of educational attainment and skills in their field, nonetheless, in a knowledge-based company, its employees must obtain new skills and intelligence to surpass and go through the revolutionizing requirements of competence on their given task and career growth as well.

The HR department is then tasked to provide some appropriate training for its qualified applicants to acquire and uphold the mix of proficiency and knowledge required to attain the highest peak of potential in reaching the company's mission and vision.
Providing training is one of the vital ways of learning.

Through this learning experience, human capital is improved. With these strategy of providing employee?s optimal development would be the key on achieving the company?s global competence.

Sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment is one big issue at any organization or company. All employees must be treated with all respect and dignity. Their working environment must be free of any kind of abuse, harassment and threats. These actions should not be tolerated and would correspond to some disciplinary actions.

Non-smoking policy

This policy aims to protect non-smokers from the results of smoking, as well as to help chain smokers to renounce smoking. There are areas in which smoking is prohibited and therefore violators would be subjected to corresponding sanctions. But of course, to provide each a democratic right, smoking areas are also provided.

Some companies provide willing applicants to work on a part time basis. A percentage of 50-90 usual working hours is the time given for jobseekers of such kind.

Applicants are entitled to be directly employed as part time basis or they are authorized by the company to work as such. Nonetheless, they get equal treatment as an employee just like of those working full-time.

Spouse support and employment

If the employee is set to travel, the company is then responsible in providing certain adjustments in favor for the spouse of the employee. The company should be sensitive in providing support for new employed applicants and their corresponding spouses. The Human Resource Department should help concerned spouses, with a high qualification, find employment as well, if unemployed.
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