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How Much Technology Do You Need in Your Home Business?

Dec 6, 2007
Today, advertisements bombard us with the latest innovations in technology. They entice us to buy the latest this or that. We sometimes purchase things for our home business that we do not really need. It can be tempting to throw dollars away thinking your business needs these new gadgets.

Depending on your home business idea, new technology can be very helpful. The question to ask is, "Do I need this particular product or upgrade now?

Perhaps you make specialty hand-made items sold at design shows, fairs, art exhibits, or trade shows; you create at home and then travel. All of your customer contact is face-to-face. When you purchase your supplies and raw materials, you also do that in person. Do you really require a lot of technology in your home workspace? Keeping operating systems simple and affordable nets you more profit at year's end. You may be able to do things manually with basic bookkeeping ledgers. The only tool you will need to the outside world is your telephone.

Your particular home business idea may involve more than just personal contact. Your contact with customers and suppliers may go beyond the local to the state, national and even international level. You will still need technology; however, you may not need as much as you think.

These are the basics you will need for you home business:

1. A basic, quality, personal computer with monitor
2. Printer
3. Operating system

Having these three components will allow you the capability for internet access, a web presence if need be, e-mail capabilities and computerized record keeping.

From this starting point, you can decide whether you will author your own web presence or have a hosting party do it for you. You can decide if you will buy a business software program to do your accounting or just hand over a shoe box of documents to a local bookkeeper. You can decide if you need a publishing software program or if the print shop next to Flo's Diner is going to make your brochures.

The three items listed above will get you started and additions will follow as is justified by your home business growth. As stated earlier, "Do I need this particular product or upgrade now?" is a question you should always be addressing.

Its human nature to make our life more complicated than it needs to be. We may think we need that funky four-in-one cell phone, or mobile messaging device that can do everything but make coffee. However, if you work from home, alone, and your operations are all very basic, the only being you may be text messaging is the dog. We may feel we need the multi-functional printer that can do everything short of launching the next space shuttle. We may desire the personal computer with enough storage space and processing speed to handle all of Wal-Mart's supply chain functions. The answer, though, is often times we can do without the latest device on the market. If we can, so can our business.

As your business grows in size and complexity, you can address the need for upgrading your technology. By that time, you will have a Board of Directors to consult with and your decision will be easier.

Granted, the best home business opportunities are those that afford growth in revenues. You have worked your business to the point that expansion is desirable and inevitable and this expansion requires technological upgrades. Now is the time to be prudent and make the best possible purchase at the best possible price, all the while resisting the temptation to buy a product you may not need.
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