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Effective Marketing Starts From Internal Management

Dec 6, 2007
Employees should be proud of the products and services that they carry. Product and service awareness is something that should be instilled in any employee, allowing them to possess the necessary knowledge and building progress to convince people that such products do exist and the benefits and uniqueness that they carry compared to competing products in the market today. The problem with marketing for most organization today is that of awareness, and this is something that most employees of a company can help diminish by referring the company at their own effort.

The knowledge and supporting information regarding the products that a company has should not be limited towards what is written on paper. Passing around the information and educating the little things is a marketing effort in itself. For sure, considering a wide area of scope that most organizations have, each little thing will help in the image building and product awareness. But for actual employees, endorsing their own product is more than just a point for the company, but a point for the entire organization as well. No matter how large a marketing team may be for any organization, covering the whole target market area is not that easy. Product placement is something that most companies have a hard time doing since most competitors will be up to other efforts as well.

All employees hired by a company are expected to carry with them the marketing efforts at a minimal level. Each employee is expected to be properly educated and well briefed as to what product lines they are carrying, not really for doing their own push for the product, but being totally aware of what the company objective is about, and what service they are gearing towards to.

It is only common to find why most employees are not aware that they have such informal duties. Any company is also gambling on itself, and unofficially, such efforts are a test on how loyal and serious such employees are and the purpose for which they have chosen to be part of any company. As stated earlier, people are simply content by being able to land a paying job and being given the opportunity to showcase their talent and even honing them and adding up their experiences for better jobs in the future. But in any case, it is really a game of sorts in determining who among the crop of employees are truly inclined to share the common mission and vision of a company. Employees who have high regards into sharing the same purpose of growing their careers with the company do not really have to prove themselves, as this can be easily shown from unnoticed efforts made by them everyday.

True enough, it is without question that the bulk of these marketing efforts truly lie in the hands of the executive panel and the sales and marketing groups of a company. Plans have already been mapped out, the steps to which have been properly itemized for them to undertake, the contributing factors maintained by the other workforce components of contributing departments for the effective flow of operations will surely do more than making life easier for the marketing teams. Most employees fail to realize that the success of a company is the success of all, something that most people fail to realize since it is only natural that they would rather pursue their individual needs and priorities rather than being part of company that is on the lookout for growth and fortune. While such can be deemed a pitiful predicament, this right and priority cannot be taken away from them since they are feeling their way and maturing in their current stature with the company.

Marketing efforts are often considered as constrained towards people who are good in this field. What people fail to realize is that they too have such a talent, opting to keep them back and limiting themselves to their profession and being content with what they can contribute? This is one reason as to why after some time, once a company has been able to level itself and be among the top market players, only a handful of the employees who share the same vision are still on hand to witness the rise of a company from scratch.
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