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Doing Business In The Drinking Industry

Dec 6, 2007
It is only normal to find food and beverage industries trying to outdo one another, resorting to price drops, promotional gimmicks that include giveaways and providing marketing support towards supermarkets and retailer outlets to help in allowing them to provide the necessary exposure as far as availability in the market is concerned. For one, consumers can only identify products such as the bottled beverages of Chin Chin Powerbits Sports Drinks and Black Gulaman, if they are easily seen and available for purchase in the stores where they are frequently found wandering off to.

However, supermarkets are not the only point of sale places where people can get products. Restaurants, recreational areas, canteens and cafeterias can also help in slowly saturating the market, providing incoming customers with a wider variety of choices in drinks to complement their usual food consumptions. Seeing a bottle or posters, flyers and leaflets alone is already a big factor in being able to find out that such products exist and can be bought.

This is one reason why the marketing efforts of such up and coming products like Chin Chin Powerbits and Black Gulaman has been struggling for the past two years. The proper business research and development practices were not given much factor. There is more to business than simply choosing a product and selling them through prices without a reason and an itemized detail of how costing was made. The little things' importance will never be realized until the point comes where there are figures that are missing in the financial statement, inexplicably absent and uncategorized in the expense portion of the Income Statement. Identifying where the expenses are, and in which way they are connected with the products being sold is already a loophole in itself.

A business is not something that will grow by alone. The proper handling of such operations and production issues is still a need, and while this may not be given much emphasis in the initial stages, it will always reach a point where people will have to backtrack and identify the proper declaration of expenses and revenue. Otherwise, they may as well consider an uphill mountain to climb. But starting off in the wrong foot will never advance to the level to which a company was envisioned to be. Leaving out the trash, and letting it rot in the foundation of a potentially successful business will surely stink and pile up. This may very well be something that prevents a business from achieving its targeted goals.

Most people look towards the people who compose the marketing department of their organizations as the key people responsible in being able to build the image and market the products and services of the company but forget that as a group, they too should be able to do their small parts in establishing the name and purpose of the organization. Although it may not be specifically stated in their job description, the corporate name is being carried through their work and the image that they project. It is not entirely about marketing and selling but as to how the entire organization can efficiently contribute towards the proper administration and operation of the corporation.

It is not a necessity for most people to resort to doing what marketing professionals of the firm are doing. By mere word of mouth goes a long way and promoting their company similar to that of building a brand image that can be efficiently implanted into the minds of most people, such contributions are sure to go a long way. It is safe to say that the effort of one is the effort of the whole in a corporation. Marketing a company's products and services is not an easy task, considering that competitors are present and are sure to be after a greater market share for their own entities as well.

The measurement of an employee's commitment and common junction towards the organization effort of the company can be measured in terms of continuous patronization of the company. For sure, not all workers would care about the whole venture, some being satisfied of being employed and caring less of what happens to the organizational existence since most would eventually lean towards greener pastures after they have complied enough experience and benefits to also gain a higher market value. But for employees who share the same vision as the company had instilled when they first put up the company, they should also help in enticing people to try out their line of business through product or service endorsement.

While it is not expected that they shall be racking in profit through these efforts, the attitude of contributing the little things outside the actual sales and marketing plans mapped and carried out by respective employees tasked to do such will surely go a long way and could even make a difference.
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